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Glyos Checklist G020 (and F007) - Andromeda Pheyden

Ahh...we finally arrive at my favorite overall wave of Glyos figures - so far:

Eclipse Pheyden and Andromeda Pheyden. Cosmic Wave is also in the wave, but he flaked out and missed the picture.

We'll get to Eclipse a little later on.
I REALLY like Andromeda Pheyden. So much so, that I have developed his character and look a lot as he evolves in my Glyos universe.
There's something about the orange mixed with glow that I really enjoy.

From left to right: Andromeda wearing torso and waist Energy Suit, with boots and gloves, but nothing on his upper arms and legs - a more casual look; Andromeda in full suit (more on this later*); Andromeda without Energy Suit, completely glowing and transparent.

Okay, so my official story about Andromeda:
Pheydens come into being during something called the "Pheyden effect." No one knows why Pheydens are generated; are they part of some cosmic police force, put into the Glyos system by a god-like being? A random quirk of the universe? A sinister experiment by Space Nazis?

In any case, Pheydens are subject to environmental factors when they are brought into being.
Andromeda was brought into existance near a star. His original coloration was a solid orange, unique to him. As his conciousness was emerging after creation, the nearby star went supernova, mixing with the energies forming Pheyden.
When he awoke fully, Andromeda found that he was completely made out of star matter, putting him among the most powerful of all Pheydens. He can unleash the star matter as destructive energy which destroys what it touches. In times of anger, there is a chance of his full power being unleashed, which is theorized would be equivalent to the same supernova which helped create him.

Over the years of his existance, he found the flip side of his personality in Eclipse Pheyden, who had been changed due to exposure to a black hole.
Andromeda has found it more conforting to wear an Energy Suit, which blocks his internal power from showing through and scaring people. His personality is overall jovial, at least until he and Eclipse meet MONSTROUS...

After the incident with Monstrous, Andromeda is a changed being. After going supernova in an attempt to destroy Monstrous, Andromeda is surprised to find that he has rengenerated - but his best friend Eclipse has not.
Andromeda goes on a quest for answers. Along the way, he coats himself in nearly-indestructible Eidrallim armor from Eidrallim Exellis. He is still out there in the Glyos system, looking for someone to answer the questions he has about why the universe punishes the Pheydens.

Andromeda Pheyden is long sold out from Onell Design, which is a shame. I could use a few more of them myself. Perhaps he could make a return, maybe as part of a three pack which could contain parts to show him in his various configurations...maybe with the new chest in orange?

One can always hope.

*Ah - I almost forgot. The original prototype picture of Andromeda Pheyden showed him in this configuration, with the original Ranic Buildman. I like it better than the official configuration, hence its placement here.

Glyos Fun Checklist - F009 Energy Exellis

Another figure that people have been wondering about, Energy Exellis was never officially released by Onell Design.

The torso and waist were made available on the Andromeda Pheyden figure; the upper legs and upper arms were used on the Frontier Pheyden; to date, the head, hands, lower legs, and feet have not shown up on any official releases.

Energy Exellis, in my universe, is a power contained in a foot module. Exellis gains the ability to give off energy charges to machinery with this module, without draining his own power. During one adventure, the Energy module was used by Exellis to stop a ship that had lost power from crashing into a planet. It is one of the few times that Exellis can be considered to have done something heroic; however, his reason for saving the planet was more sinister. It was one of the last known residences of a Sincroid known only as "the Bishop", who was rumored to have been one of the first five Sincroids brought online. Otherwise, Planet WVW-651 would have perished.

Glyos Fun Checklist - F008 Spectre Pheyden

So, there are two tales to tell about this guy.

No, he was never officially released by Onell Design, although a few have slipped out there.
His entire body is made out of glow parts.
To date, the only parts from this figure that have appeared on an official Onell release are the head, hands, lower legs, and feet, which were used on Andromeda Pheyden.
Perhaps the other parts will pop up someday...

In my take on the Glyos universe, he is a silent ghost that appears to Cosmic Wave Pheyden. The continued visits from this spectral Pheyden have cracked the mind of Cosmic Wave, making him seem flaky in conversation.
Who is this spectre? And why is he following CW? Is he related to Phantasm Pheyden? Only time will tell...

Give the people what they want - Glyos Checklist F020 - Govurom

So people like Govurom, eh?

my standard version Govurom - custom paint job, in what I call "Evil Dead" style

"official" Onell version, with Dimension Hopper

my take on the official version, with custom painted head

From the Glyos Transmission Weblog 4/22/08:
For the pilot, a new character makes his appearance in the Glyos System...Govurom! Grosser than Phanost and crustier than a Crayboth, Govurom is a twisted Sincroid that has fused with a renegade version of Pheyden. Containing two personalities in one body has taken a toll, creating a very decayed and warped visage that is horrifying to those who look upon it. Even though his mind may be slightly bent, the being known as Govurom is extremely dangerous and unpredictable in his actions, piloting his Dimension Jumper throughout multiple realities in search of ancient ruins and their legendary artifacts. His ultimate reasons for these quests remain a mystery.

Currently, Govurom has not been officially sold by Onell Design, outside of one auction in New York City, and potentially the "official" version shown above. There are rumors that he may be coming soon in some format, but this remains to be seen.

Somehow, a number of Govurom heads are out there, cast in colors such as orange, grey, light grey, blue...there may even be red ones somewhere (I personally am looking for a red one). The reason for this rarity is a process known as "hand casting." A mold is made that will yield from five to twenty-five good castings, depending on a number of factors.
The time and skill of the person who does the casting can be expensive - which is one of the reasons everyone out there is not making their own mass-scale toy lines.

-.-...-....--- . --


Anyone need - THESE?

DC Series 6? I bought them, and only opened Hawkman completely.
The others - I opened and took out the Kalibak parts. They are still sealed otherwise.
If anyone is interested for $48 plus shipping, drop me a line.

Final Glyos Preview pics - for now

Final previews for now. I am especially pleased with five out of the six figures in this pic.



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Pimpin' my links!

Check it out if you are fan of action figures and toys in the 1/18th scale - basically, old Microman/nauts, new Microman, Gi Joe, Infinite Heroes - you name it. The owner is an old friend of mine, and I want to help him get quality discussion in his forums. Who knows - you just might learn something! Hey-hey-hey.



Custom Submission - Rothan Pheyden with Heli-Pak

Courtesy of BoglinLord:

Readers know my love for Rothan Pheyden. But I would never have thought of using Construx to build with. And Bogs reports in that the male pegs fit right into the Construx holes nicely.

Hmmm...did my dad throw away that box of parts I had laying around since '85 in his basement?

And although I am posting it late, check out this extra head he designed for a Glyos figure:

Yet More New Pheyden Custom Colorways

More new mixes.



Wednesday, February 25, 2009




Just a quick creation using Buildman, with an unknown Pheyden manning the cannon.

Reminds me just a bit of the E-Web cannons the Snowtroopers had in Empire

Counting down....


More Pheyden customs I been working on.

Meet Red Offender Phanost, Black Hole Exellis, Darkness Exellis, Blue Scar Pheyden, an untitled Govurom, and the scientist who helped create Buildman, with mechanical leg and cane.

Full profiles some time in the future.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Countdown continues....


The Countdown is on...


Quick preview - Scar II and Avenger Pheyden

Won't be fully featuring these guys for a while, but here they are - my take on Scar II and a new Pheyden called Avenger Pheyden? What is his shocking connection to Aves? Find out in a few hundred posts.

I hate the Sucklord.

He knows why.

I need a Star Chumps Steve and Galactic Jerkbags. NOW. But I am on a buying hiatus until...mid-April probably.

Glyos shelf - finally reorganized.

I couldn't get one pic of the whole thing due to how my room is spaced multiple pics. Enjoy!

By Special Request

Here ya go.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The call goes out - send me your CUSTOM GLYOS-RELATED PICS!

One thing I would like to do here at FoP is help feature other artists' work with the Glyos creations. Do you have a colorway you've put together that you haven't seen elsewhere? Have you made a custom Pheyden out of macaroni? Did the wait for Buildman inspire you to paint a portrait of him on velvet?

If so, take a CLEAR picture of it, type up a short blurb about the piece and whatever you want to say about it, who should be credited for its creation, and send me an e-mail at
I'll try to have all postings done within three days of e-mailing.
(If you don't see it after three days, e-mail me without attachments. Junk filters and all...)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Worktable is GO!

Check out my worktable - a bunch of my Pheyden collection, a nice view of Monstrous with some other stuff for scale, previews of some customs...

Duh! Forgot NYCC pics

So I put up my post about my fun at NYCC the other day and forgot the pics!

The masters at work - Onell VS Suckadelic - FIGHT!
Is the wave of the future truly one where there are only a few mass-market toy manufacturers and the rest are limited runs where you can get what you truly want? Something to think about...

The haul! Banimon comics (Boris, we are going to have to talk more at the next con so I can figure out what the hell these books are all about); A Buildman Phalanx and one additional Buildman, The Sucklord Glyos edition figure, the two new Phanost and Sarvos from Onell, the Rawshark exclusive versions of Pheyden and Sarvos, the four Rocket North exclusives, a Beanbot, two special Pheydens, and the sole non-Glyos figure I bought, a gun-arm Cyberman.
The rest of my haul is in my guts - Australian meat pies (which I plan to have every time I go to NY), Krif Dogs, the awesome pizza we had at the pizza place, and a bit of alcohol.

These next pics aren't from NYCC - but they are something I have been teasing for a long time:

It is the final battle. Pheyden has merged himself, using techniques shown to him by Govurom, with:
the Bio-Clone
a Shadow Villser
Exellis Prime
Plasma Pheyden
and Govurom himself (along with a cache of Phase weapons) to create VILLEYDEN.
Monstrous is approaching the Great Gate where Time is Frozen. The Gate has never been breached fully - it is unknown what lay beyond, outside of energy...unknown to all but Pheyden.

Monstrous turns after Villeyden unleashes a massive plasma blast which passes through the energy-dampening field of Monstrous and scorches his back. The eight eyes of Monstrous watch this new creature as Monstrous feels the energy radiating from it. The Gate can wait - this being must be consumed...

I'll take some really good "hero" pics soon of these guys so you can see all the details of the bodies. It took many days to create them - their scale is probably not best showed off in these pics. Note to aspiring pic-takers: shooting pics in a snowy truck bed at 5 am is hard to do.

Monday, February 16, 2009


My previous post went in on the wrong date. Should have read today.

Also, after speaking to Master Glyos Control (or MGC), I have to revise the checklist numbers. So some of those will be changing as well.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whew. Recovery time needed - BADLY!

Been a long week since NYCC.
I suppose three nights of being up till 4 in the morning will take some energy out of you.

So what's been going on?

Received the variant Question from Infinite Heroes. Much better than the other version, will have to take pics.

NYCC was okay - not as good as SDCC. The weather and long-ass walk to the hotel, plus a lack of places to sit at the con probably amount to it...NY is just shafted compared to what San Diego gets in terms of exclusives, exhibitors, resources, panels.

Mattel showed a little bit of new stuff at NYCC. I am definitely off the He-Man train, as they were sold out of Skeletor before I got to the con. I had made myself a deal: if they still had Skeletor, He-Man, and Beast Man, I would buy them and start the collection. But with Skeletor gone, it was all over.
Ghostbusters - nice likenesses, but I will not be collecting these in a six-inch scale. Will keep an eye on them - anything that fills a hole in the cartoon, or perhaps other movie figures besides the GBs themselves, I may get.
Infinite Heroes - well, they showed 4 figures...and revealed the SDCC plans for the Anti-Monitor.
Essentially, the points on the backs of the figures have to be taken to SDCC and redeemed for a 3 3/4 AM. You need 50 points to do this. Each 25 points gives you a raffle ticket for a 30 INCH AM! They are going to be making somewhere inbetween 4 and 8 of the larger AM, so expect to see some posts about this. If anyone has IH points they are not going to use, LMK! I will take them and get you a 3 3/4 AM.
The new articulation for IH is going to make them sell even better, so hopefully it makes it to a lot of the figures.

Onell Design had a lot of new stuff to show - Buildman and Phanost at last! Expect posts later on this week about them.
I didn't buy much outside of the Glyos stuff, food, and a gun-arm Cyberman from Doctor Who. I wasn't really looking for much at the con. Most items were overpriced; supply was the same usual dealers I see at every show on vintage TF, etc.
Damn! I almost forgot the Suckadelic merchandise. I finally picked up the long-awaited Cosmo Douche figure. Pics to come on this...if the Sucklord is reading this, the ending of our conversation was "because I wanted them all." I went to my local dealer and picked up five more figures. I am hooked now...

It was great to see everybody - the NYC Vipers, the Onell gang, Sucklord. Next stop on the con tour will probably be Monster Mania - assuming I don't get the call for Toy Fair tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I can has NYCC?

Alright all,

I am leaving for NYCC tomorrow. It will surely be a whirlwind of "where is my suitcase, I can't find my money, what the hell happened to my camera?", so I am posting here now to say that posting will week. Probably. There may be a computer to access there, so we shall see.

I dunno why Mattel chose to tell people their big shocker was Ghostbusters (unless that is merely one of two big announcements, which might be possible) a couple of days in advance, unless there was something there today that would have let some fans known.
I'm ambivalent until I see them. I love the Animated GBs. Have a lot of the figures from a collection or two I picked up over the years. If they do a giant Marshmallow Man or Animated Gozer, I may have to pick them up, regardless of scale.

What I am hoping to find at NYCC: nothing. : )
But I will be keeping my eyes out for Doctor Who figures - I'd like to get the Torchwood set and River Song. Classics Daleks 3-pack. Should have bought them from WHONA. Infinite Heroes, if the price is right. And of course, Glyos, without which this trip would not even be occurring.

Expect a review of Buildman Ranic from Glyos when I return (who still has not arrived...grrr...) and perhaps the Question variant figure from DC Infinite Heroes, which also did not make it in time for a review.

Last question - anyone looking for a set of DCU Classics Wave 6 MINUS the Kalibak parts? I got screwed on an eBay auction and have some that need a home.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Custom Glyos checklist #8 - Pheyden in Kromnet Suit

This is one of my favorite custom color Pheydens.

This is the original Pheyden - not necessarily the FIRST Pheyden, but the first one that we meet in the Glyos system.
He has had many adventures. In what seemed like a relatively minor adventure, Pheyden cleared up a problem that a scientific compound was having with some Eidrallim that had been illegally smuggled onto a planet. This was an all-too common occurrence in the Glyos system - almost as if someone was playing a giant practical joke across the galaxy.
Pheyden had cleaned up the mess and restored the balance, when he found a strange artifact.
The artifact led him across the planet, to an underground storage facility. A trap-laden storage facility.
Pheyden used all of his wits to get through the traps, and in the final room, he discovered a number of life-support machines, incubating a giant egg.
The machinery had been running for a number of years, it seemed, and Pheyden was going to leave it alone. But the machines reacted to another living being in their presence, and the egg hatched. Pheyden expected to find some fantastical monster, ready to eat him - an all too common occurrence on the Edge of Space. Instead, he found a suit.
With reluctance, he put the suit on - and found his limbs surging with power. He jumped up - and flew through miles of solid rock to the surface of the planet! Still his momentum did not stop - Pheyden continued through the atmosphere until he was off-planet. He found that he could walk through space as it it was solid ground - but he could also propel himself through it as if it were a liquid. An asteroid flew towards him - Pheyden punched it, smashing it into hundreds of pieces.
The suit was like becoming god. But it was then that his connection to the galaxy locked in again. A countdown was forming in his mind - the power of the suit would last for three minutes, no more, no less. Each minute of power heralded the ending of a sun somewhere in the universe.
Pheyden quickly put himself back on the planet and deactivated the suit. It did not allow him the chance to remove it, instead disappearing into an alternate space when he wished he could remove it.

Pheyden knows that he has the ultimate power to battle evil, but that it comes at a great cost.
He hopes that he will not have to ever use it, but knows that eventually, he will...

Glyos custom checklist #7 - Trance Pheyden

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul.

Trance Pheyden would argue that point with you.

The majority of Pheyden are dedicated to preserving time and space. Trance Pheyden merely exists.
He wanders space aimlessly, going where his mind tells him to go.
He emits a low-level sonic pulse that makes most beings ignore his presence.
He does not speak. He will not speak when spoken to.
If attacked, he will repel his attacker with sound - ear-shattering sound which can permanently deafen an opponent. Even KILL.
When threatened beyond a point where his sound is ineffective, Trance will begin to emit a light show which has, in the past, disoriented man, machine, and beast. Trance does not enter into combat in those situations, but merely leaves as soon as he is able.
There is one warning - if you should come across Trance, do not stare into his left eye-socket. There is no eye in the socket - it is like looking into the abyss, a swirl of white energy that takes the form of...well, no one knows. Their minds have not been able to process whatever lay inside the head of Trance Pheyden. So beware him. Stay clear.

Glyos custom checklist #6 - Midnight Pheyden

At times, the universe seems as if it is playing a cruel game, which only it knows the rules to.

The Pheyden known as Haxx was badly injured in a terrible accident, and took refuge on the desert planet, Ceipse. His mind warped there. He could no longer feel his connection to the cosmos, and started to lead the life as a hermit.
The universe had greater plans for Haxx - or perhaps it didn't, and there was no such thing as "the universe" manipulating all events. In any case, there was an occurence of energy that only one being can recognize, and which is known to him as "the Pheyden Effect".
A Pheyden is created during this influx of energy into the Glyos universe, popping up on a planet, or in deep space, wherever he is needed.
The Pheyden effect started to occur on planey Ceipse...during an eclipse of their three suns.
Who can say what astrological phenomenon play on the universe? The forces of time and space were subjected to incredible strains - and when the energy dissipated, there was no new Pheyden in sight.

But the next night, when the suns had set, Midnight Pheyden arose from the shadows. He feels that one of his Pheyden brethren is out there, somewhere, but his connection to the cosmos has also been damaged.
Midnight searches for his brother, travelling during the night, trapped in some ether dimension during the daylight. He hopes that together they will be able to restore him to some semblance of what a Pheyden should be...but this story will not have a happy ending.

Glyos custom checklist #5 - Desert Sun Pheyden

Although I am featuring this character now, he was a design that I happened upon much later in my customizing...mostly due to the Gear's Edge limbs that he uses. They are one of the harder pieces to get in Glyos-land...

I see this Pheyden, or "Haxx" as he was called in better days, as a failure at being protector of Time and Space. He has gone through an adventure where his arms and legs were badly damaged. A world that he was tasked to save was destroyed by a threat to the universe, like every other threat that he had faced over years of adventuring. The Buildmen that he used as companions attempted to rebuild him, using Gendrone Blasters and Phase Arms, and they were somewhat successful in fixing his body. The repairs that they could not make were to Haxx's mind.
He stays in exile, valuing his solitude. At times, he is spurred on by...memory? feelings? to intercede in the lives of the beings on the planet...those who have seen him describe a mirage, like something "comign through the desert sun".
If he had a special ability, it is not something that has been witnessed by any living being.
He now prefers to solve problems with the multiple blasters and strength upgrades granted him by Glyosian technology.

Glyos custom figure #4 - Scar Pheyden I

One thing that has come to pass with the Glyos figures and their universe is the ability to customize them to your liking.
Unfortunately, the main man himself likes to make customs so good, you wish you had them in your collection! This Scar Pheyden was one of those...

Scar Pheyden was a particularly rough and tumble character, as was evidenced by his massive battle-damaged head and armor. The new "split" chest plate is finally available with the Standard Phanost figure, but wayy back then, a custom version was done and used for the Scar Pheyden figure.
When I asked Matt how he made it, he revealed a few customizing secrets to me. Up until that point, I had merely swapped parts around and made my own color combinations. But now, I would use deadly tools to try and match what I had seen on his blog...

WARNING! Using rotary tools is dangerous! Use utmost care while carving with rotary tools. Do not attempt to customize while drunk. Keep blades away from hands; wear safety glasses when using tools.

With that said, I wanted to make a version of the first Pheyden known as Scar.
To make this Pheyden, you need a Gear's Edge version of Pheyden, which surely has escaped out into the market more with the advent of the Onell "junk figure" offer.
I cut the chest plate in two, giving it the required look. Next, I took a screwdriver and box cutter to Pheyden's head, as evidenced by the two pictures.
Since I didn't want to copy Matt's design exactly - this is intended to be that same Pheyden, with a couple more years under his belt - I added more damage to the back of his head...and also carved out a large chunk on the front of Pheyden's head. With a transparent green piece cut from a Phase Pheyden belt to act as a scab, my Scar Pheyden was complete.

I created this figure so early on in my customizing career that he is a bit of mess compared to some of the work I have done since, but I would not change a thing. It is important to me to be able to see how far I have progressed; I keep this Pheyden in a proud place in my display as the first custom I made that I could have seriously hurt myself doing.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Glyos Checklist C001 - Sky Deviler

UPDATE: figure has been designated as C001 - for Crossover. Any item released in conjunction with the Glyos system but primarily branded through another company will be designated as a crossover.

So...what do I know about this thing? Sky Deviler is an alien. This version is filled with nice GITD Crayboth figures. So I assume it has been infected by Crayboth babies somehow, and will explode in a terrible ALIEN-style death when their gestation period is completed.
I should have bought one - I had a chance at one, I think, but missed out. But I will live. I can always customize one out of a shampoo bottle and a vintage 24-inch Shogun Warrior.

Glyos Checklist G012 - Eidrallim Exellis

Not all of the varied looks that Exellis has shown are module-based.

Eidrallim Exellis is not an ability that came from a module.
On the planet of the Eidrallim, Exellis was following a lead to find the next module in his quest to discover his true identity and what his primary purpose is.
He was attacked by the warrior Eidrallim, a race of insect people. Switching to Solaris module, he stopped the attack and communicated with the Eidrallim.
The Eidrallim took Exellis to one of their sacred places, and coated him with an indestructible metal that their greatest warriors used when going into battle.
Exellis was surprised to find that his Aves module had a secondary use - it converted the metal into another power for him to switch to, counting it as one of his modules.
As with most of Exellis' powers, for reasons which will become clear to him in time, the duration of switching to this armored form is ten minutes. His strength is increased slightly due to the density of the metal, and the armor can shrug off a combined Phase Arm/Gendrone Blaster shot.

Glyos Checklist G011 - Cyber Ghost Exellis

The Cyber Ghost module was not developed to be connected to a Sincroid; it was an upgrade module to allow Sarvonic Gendrones to interface with computer networks and become 'virtual avatars' in the real world. The module was never completely finished.
When Exellis learned of the module, he claimed its power for himself, but it did not work as it had been developed. When connected to a Sincroid data matrix, the CG module converts Exellis into a living computer program, allowing him to jump into a computer and dupe its programming. However, it also allows the possibility for his destruction, as the effect of activating the module turns him into a transparent version of himself that is subject to destruction by electrical disruption. Exellis lost a hand when attempting to take over the master databank on planet Metran with the CG module, when he crossed through an electrical arc that was protecting the generators.
As such, Exellis does not use this module unless it is absolutely necessary.
In the transparent mode, he exists as pure electrical energy, which can be disrupted by any force strong enough to do so. He can exist in this form for approximately ten minutes; after that time, he converts back to a solid-state form unless he has entered a computer.

Glyos Checklist G010 - Solaris Exellis

It was a harrowing adventure - nearly drained of power, Exellis and a gang of bounty hunters tasked with bringing back his head, functional or destroyed, were trapped on a ship tumbling into a sun. Exellis locked the last of the mercenaries in a locker and blasted him out into space, watching the metal box fall and dissipate in the heat of the sun.
In the spilled contents that had been in the box, Exellis noticed a thigh module for a Sincroid. It was an eye-catching pink color, that pulsed with life. Exellis grabbed the module, and it self-activated when he touched it.

Exellis' mind was connected with the kingdom of the beasts; not that there is a specific place with that name, but his mind felt a connection with all sorts of animal life. One was very close, a thing made of plasma that flew in the corona of the sun without damage. Exellis called to it - and the creature came to him, meeting at an airlock and successfully rescuing Exellis before the ship was destroyed in the sun.

Solaris Exellis mode allows Exellis to project an aura that seems as if he is glowing pink. This aura allows him to control animals within a radius of fifty feet. It can only be switched to once in a twenty-four hour period. It also allows him to mentally communicate with any animal life, no matter what their intelligence level.

Solaris Exellis is still available in the Onell Design webstore as of this writing. And yes, it really does glow in the dark. Pink.