Saturday, February 28, 2009

Glyos Checklist G020 (and F007) - Andromeda Pheyden

Ahh...we finally arrive at my favorite overall wave of Glyos figures - so far:

Eclipse Pheyden and Andromeda Pheyden. Cosmic Wave is also in the wave, but he flaked out and missed the picture.

We'll get to Eclipse a little later on.
I REALLY like Andromeda Pheyden. So much so, that I have developed his character and look a lot as he evolves in my Glyos universe.
There's something about the orange mixed with glow that I really enjoy.

From left to right: Andromeda wearing torso and waist Energy Suit, with boots and gloves, but nothing on his upper arms and legs - a more casual look; Andromeda in full suit (more on this later*); Andromeda without Energy Suit, completely glowing and transparent.

Okay, so my official story about Andromeda:
Pheydens come into being during something called the "Pheyden effect." No one knows why Pheydens are generated; are they part of some cosmic police force, put into the Glyos system by a god-like being? A random quirk of the universe? A sinister experiment by Space Nazis?

In any case, Pheydens are subject to environmental factors when they are brought into being.
Andromeda was brought into existance near a star. His original coloration was a solid orange, unique to him. As his conciousness was emerging after creation, the nearby star went supernova, mixing with the energies forming Pheyden.
When he awoke fully, Andromeda found that he was completely made out of star matter, putting him among the most powerful of all Pheydens. He can unleash the star matter as destructive energy which destroys what it touches. In times of anger, there is a chance of his full power being unleashed, which is theorized would be equivalent to the same supernova which helped create him.

Over the years of his existance, he found the flip side of his personality in Eclipse Pheyden, who had been changed due to exposure to a black hole.
Andromeda has found it more conforting to wear an Energy Suit, which blocks his internal power from showing through and scaring people. His personality is overall jovial, at least until he and Eclipse meet MONSTROUS...

After the incident with Monstrous, Andromeda is a changed being. After going supernova in an attempt to destroy Monstrous, Andromeda is surprised to find that he has rengenerated - but his best friend Eclipse has not.
Andromeda goes on a quest for answers. Along the way, he coats himself in nearly-indestructible Eidrallim armor from Eidrallim Exellis. He is still out there in the Glyos system, looking for someone to answer the questions he has about why the universe punishes the Pheydens.

Andromeda Pheyden is long sold out from Onell Design, which is a shame. I could use a few more of them myself. Perhaps he could make a return, maybe as part of a three pack which could contain parts to show him in his various configurations...maybe with the new chest in orange?

One can always hope.

*Ah - I almost forgot. The original prototype picture of Andromeda Pheyden showed him in this configuration, with the original Ranic Buildman. I like it better than the official configuration, hence its placement here.


R. said...

It's always interesting to see different takes on these little guys, especially given how loose the "official" storyline seems to be.

Maybe one of these days, a few of us could make some kind of "database," and gather together different interpretations of the figs and characters -- if only for the fun of sharing our own takes on Glyos.

Granted, I'm kinda assuming something like that isn't in the works already...

John K. said...

Roy, that is part of what I would like this site to be for - the fans of Pheyden. Of course, it will always be home to my sometimes-incomprehensible posts and rants, but baby and bathwater, you know.

So if you, or anyone out there, want to add your thoughts in an official post, shoot me an e-mail at epicroad AT If pics are included, that is cool too.

It's difficult to say what Doughty's official storyline is - it probably would make a good science fiction novel (or novels) - but in speaking to him, there is a definite Micronauts influence. Pheyden can be good, or bad, depending on the imagination of those who collect him. Perhaps some fan carries around a Crayboth named Bob in his pocket, who goes on all kinds of wacky adventures.

So again, anyone that wants to share thoughts, post them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail and I will get a post together.