Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whew. Recovery time needed - BADLY!

Been a long week since NYCC.
I suppose three nights of being up till 4 in the morning will take some energy out of you.

So what's been going on?

Received the variant Question from Infinite Heroes. Much better than the other version, will have to take pics.

NYCC was okay - not as good as SDCC. The weather and long-ass walk to the hotel, plus a lack of places to sit at the con probably amount to it...NY is just shafted compared to what San Diego gets in terms of exclusives, exhibitors, resources, panels.

Mattel showed a little bit of new stuff at NYCC. I am definitely off the He-Man train, as they were sold out of Skeletor before I got to the con. I had made myself a deal: if they still had Skeletor, He-Man, and Beast Man, I would buy them and start the collection. But with Skeletor gone, it was all over.
Ghostbusters - nice likenesses, but I will not be collecting these in a six-inch scale. Will keep an eye on them - anything that fills a hole in the cartoon, or perhaps other movie figures besides the GBs themselves, I may get.
Infinite Heroes - well, they showed 4 figures...and revealed the SDCC plans for the Anti-Monitor.
Essentially, the points on the backs of the figures have to be taken to SDCC and redeemed for a 3 3/4 AM. You need 50 points to do this. Each 25 points gives you a raffle ticket for a 30 INCH AM! They are going to be making somewhere inbetween 4 and 8 of the larger AM, so expect to see some posts about this. If anyone has IH points they are not going to use, LMK! I will take them and get you a 3 3/4 AM.
The new articulation for IH is going to make them sell even better, so hopefully it makes it to a lot of the figures.

Onell Design had a lot of new stuff to show - Buildman and Phanost at last! Expect posts later on this week about them.
I didn't buy much outside of the Glyos stuff, food, and a gun-arm Cyberman from Doctor Who. I wasn't really looking for much at the con. Most items were overpriced; supply was the same usual dealers I see at every show on vintage TF, etc.
Damn! I almost forgot the Suckadelic merchandise. I finally picked up the long-awaited Cosmo Douche figure. Pics to come on this...if the Sucklord is reading this, the ending of our conversation was "because I wanted them all." I went to my local dealer and picked up five more figures. I am hooked now...

It was great to see everybody - the NYC Vipers, the Onell gang, Sucklord. Next stop on the con tour will probably be Monster Mania - assuming I don't get the call for Toy Fair tomorrow.

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rockettubes said...

I got my buildman phalanx set in the mail and need to do pics soon too. :D

Sucklord is awesome. I regret I didn't pick up his D&D themed dice-headed guys, but I love my Cosmo-Douches (the initial 2 and the secret Embassy build-your-own exclusive) and Galactic Jerkbag and MicroNugget Time Straggler. Great stuff, all of it, I love the materials and paints he uses and the bootleg packaging. I hope he rips off some more micros soon. :D