Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quick preview - Scar II and Avenger Pheyden

Won't be fully featuring these guys for a while, but here they are - my take on Scar II and a new Pheyden called Avenger Pheyden? What is his shocking connection to Aves? Find out in a few hundred posts.


R. said...

At this rate, you might as well have a blog for the photos, and another for the profiles. Blazes...


Can i buy the scar pheyden II from you please i really really want him.I can wait until after you've done the review on him .

John K. said...

The beauty of Scar II is that you can make him yourself with a little work, since there is no official version.

1) get orange parts from Andromeda Pheyden and Energy Exellis
2) get Pheyden blue parts
3) cut a belt out from Pheyden V1
4) customize a Scar head to your liking.

And that's it! Okay, maybe it isn't the simplest. But entirely possible.


umm where can i get a energy exellis??? i can find it anywhere i would have just made one my self but i can find that exellis