Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I can has NYCC?

Alright all,

I am leaving for NYCC tomorrow. It will surely be a whirlwind of "where is my suitcase, I can't find my money, what the hell happened to my camera?", so I am posting here now to say that posting will week. Probably. There may be a computer to access there, so we shall see.

I dunno why Mattel chose to tell people their big shocker was Ghostbusters (unless that is merely one of two big announcements, which might be possible) a couple of days in advance, unless there was something there today that would have let some fans known.
I'm ambivalent until I see them. I love the Animated GBs. Have a lot of the figures from a collection or two I picked up over the years. If they do a giant Marshmallow Man or Animated Gozer, I may have to pick them up, regardless of scale.

What I am hoping to find at NYCC: nothing. : )
But I will be keeping my eyes out for Doctor Who figures - I'd like to get the Torchwood set and River Song. Classics Daleks 3-pack. Should have bought them from WHONA. Infinite Heroes, if the price is right. And of course, Glyos, without which this trip would not even be occurring.

Expect a review of Buildman Ranic from Glyos when I return (who still has not arrived...grrr...) and perhaps the Question variant figure from DC Infinite Heroes, which also did not make it in time for a review.

Last question - anyone looking for a set of DCU Classics Wave 6 MINUS the Kalibak parts? I got screwed on an eBay auction and have some that need a home.

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