Sunday, July 31, 2011

SDCC Day Four - the Final SDCC

Today's update is a simple one.
One of the surprise items at SDCC was Triclops studios bringing exactly one set of the Tankopula figure variants. It was known that they would have their exclusive purple version, but not the others.
I had missed out on the previous two versions, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to fill in some holes in the collection.
Now, I warn you - there are some issues with this figure, if you are dying to track one down. I already broke the barrel from the tank part of the purple one. The figures are actually glued together at the joints, due to issues with the holes on the figures.
Purely a display piece...
well, not for me. I ripped the arms and tank off of the purple one and combined him with a Glyan to make a super-tough Purple Punisher Nibbler. Maybe I should take pics...

Anyway, this might be the only set of all three (in their original configurations) out there. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

SDCC Final Edition - Part Three

Secret pics!

A crazy Paul Kaiju monster "Double Salamander Joe". So neat in person.

Hulk Nibbler. This is not a new piece - you may have seen it on the Onell blog way back when during a "Trip to China" post. Don't get excited - this thing is not coming soon in any way.
It is made out of a hardcore rubber, just like the Winter Nibblers and the Fishtank Castle. Could be a fun piece if it ever sees production - what do you guys think? Should I bug the Tarantulas to put them in production? Is it worth big bucks to you? (you would need an Armodoc to give it arms and legs, it is meant to interact with the parts of that figure)

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Annual Final SDCC Report - part duex

In part one, we just kinda bullshitted around and talked about how bad the con was for me.
I know what you are really here to see - the HAUL!!!!!
Seriously, my post from last year is still getting like 40 hits a month. What up wit dat?

The overview.
It was an expensive con.

In the left-half of the pic, we can see an exclusive Twilight Zone Invader figure from Biff Bang Bow, one of the few Volkruin Glyans and a Rig (brought for me to purchase because of the non-Con drop), two Tankopula variants, Alpha 7 and Electron+ from the new series of Outer Space Men, Queen Marlena from MOTU Classics, Darkseid Build-a-figure from DC Classics (built him for only $55, due to sales on the con floor), and a piece of Vectar...

The middle of the pic - your full view of the elusive Fishtank Castle, some MonstreHero customs on the parapet, a cloaked RxH VS Tarantulas VS Onell VS Cavey Nibbler, Vectar, the standard RxH Nibbler, a Medieval Nibbler, Cringer, an RxH Chaos Trooper...
And the last view of the pic - Enforcer Sarvos RxH mini, and the other two new OSM, Commander Comet and Mystron.
I had to buy two sets of the OSM to build some variations.
It was obviously a Nibbler-centric convention product-wise, but more on that in a future post.
I think what excited me the most of the above was the new set of Outer Space Men. Four more figures closer to the goal of all the originals being made in Glyos format! Additionally, at the show, they previewed ORBITRON and the amazing COLOSSUS REX! You can see pics on the main page over at
I didn't take many candid pics this year, as part of my "this is the worst con ever" feeling.
The other big awesome news regarded new MOTU Classics and a Mattel Voltron that has to be seen to be believed. Look at and for pics of those.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Final Annual SDCC Report- part one

Based on the Google stats, one of my post popular posting times is right after SDCC. I can't imagine why...(close sarcasm tag here).

Honestly, SDCC this year was shitty for me in most respects. The lines were out of control. Too many people in attendance. Those fucking bags that go on people's backs that they fill with poster tubes that clip you in the face as you try to move through the hall...THE EXCLUSIVES. So many bad experiences this year.
The sole saving factor this year was the people. Met lots of good people this year, saw old friends, had good times, even fanboy-nerd-raged on some industry folks (sorry, you-know-who!).

For instance, here is a random out of the hotel window shot of a random crowd of people:

Massive crowds.
Meanwhile, in the room...

A mess of toys and food and water bottles! And smell. Such a horrific smell.

More toys that were picked up by people at the con.

One of the only cool things was Comedy Central set up a special South Park area in a parking lot across the way. Had some good times here. Should have gotten a Mitch Connor tattoo.

And, presenting the SENSATIONAL CHARACTER FIND OF 2011!

Bones Justice!
Really, this piece generated more discussion than was rational. Not bad for an obscure GALOOB toy from the 90's.

To be continued...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The man with the claw

Clawful! He's beautiful. I have nothing else to say.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Plastic and Plush Buildmen

There were a few Buildmen exclusives made back in 200X (!). This was one of them.

The elusive Plastic and Plush Buildman. The one shown above is specially painted by Matt Walker, and was sold through P and P in 20XX.
Here is a comparison shot with an untouched version of the figure.

Very "Black Hole" or Crimson Guard, eh?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Blast from the Past

So, SDCC is over. And something incredible joined my collection.The original Pheyden. A hand-cast Pheyden. A gun-carrying Pheyden.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nibbler Week!

Pheyaos was out exploring, and came across a planet filled with foliage. As he was singing to himself, he came across a dessicated body of a strange creature he did not recognize. Using his probe arm, he sampled it. The Nibbler returned to life, and Pheyaos found himself in a new, armored body.
Now he must hunt down the Nibbler at all costs...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nibbler Week!

Later, he found himself battling the cursed Pheydens again, but an injection of Anti-Matter made the Nibbler more powerful than ever.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Nibbler Week!

The Nibbler was fully regenerated with a new body! But it continued to change...first pink, then black...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nibbler Week!

(I should mention now - this is my take on the Nibbler. Some fan-fiction involved here!)

The Nibbler completed his regeneration, but his brain was expanding too rapidly! It caused his regenerated left eye to explode out, necessitating the eyepatch. The Nibbler had his minions drill holes in his head to relieve the pressure.

The Mini-Nibbler was something bizzare that escaped the regeneration machine after the Bowling Ball Nibbler was completed regenerated. It has very little of the intelligence of the true Nibbler, but six times the hunger.

The Nibbler had a nightmare that a ghost was chasing him...and ate him. But what is the Haunted Nibbler truly? A phantasm? Real? The Nibbler will find out in his darkest hour.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nibbler Week!

So the Nibbler makes it to the fishtank castle and his followers are there. They have a regeneration machine to help repair him. But it makes him into an evolved (big-brain) version of himself while it repairs his body...

The follower heads were included with some Winter Nibblers (or all of them - I'm not sure. I got a bunch of these second hand). The Future Nibbler was offered a few times, and should remind you of something from British television.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nibbler Week!

The Nibbler, trapped in Pheyden's fishtank, donned a cloak. With his powers lost, he made his way to the fishtank castle, meeting followers there in a surprised state...

Don't ask me to explain the variants inside the storyline. I missed the Original colors version, but I have the rest. They should remind you of things...I think of them as minions of the one, true Nibbler. How the hell they wound up in Pheyden's fishtank is something we should leave to imagination. Otherwise you wind up with the writers from Transformers 3, and they say that the Nibbler KNEW he would be captured, so he trapped future aspects of himself in the fishtank (based on pop culture) to eventually regenerate himself. (shifty-eyes)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Nibbler Week!

I have an inkling that one of the big Glyos pushes this SDCC will be the Nibbler.

So here is a retrospective of Nibbler items.

The grand-daddy of them all, in original colors. I no longer have this figure (to the person that acquired it from me - I hope you are enjoying it!), but here is a pic of him. The Nibbler, at the height of his powers before Pheyden bitched him out. Pheyden summoned an army of himself, attacked the Nibbler, and trapped him in a fishbowl...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Phase Hunter

A while back, I won a contest from Plastic and Plush for an original Onell Design figure called the Phase Hunter.

I don't have anything much to say about it. Here are the pics of it. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thanks Ben!

How long have you been collecting toys?

I've been in the game for a long time. I had Kenner Star Wars. The first MOTU, first Joes, first Transformers...

To the younger guys in the game - or those who have not been immersed in the rich history of the collecting realms - you might go to the overpriced collectible store on the boardwalk in Wildwood and wonder "why the hell are those McFarlane figures I don't recognize so expensive?"
Well, there is a story behind that. A story probably too long for me to get into here.
But the relevance of it to today's post concerns the figural part of this bounty that was brought to me by my good buddy Ben.

The ship? Nah, not tough to get in any temporal period. Even after the apocalypse, there will be Evac Fighters in ruined toy stores across the nations.

But this figure? Hudson? The EUROPEAN version? Highly uncommon.
Valuable? Not any more. But at one time...this figure would have set you back a paycheck (or at least part of one).
ALIENS is one of the most important lines to me as a collector. It was there while I was growing up. Of course, now it is highly irrelevant. McFarlane and NECA made movie-accurate figures - Hot Toys made even better ones in other scales. Even Microman licensed ALIENS.
But when we really wanted some xenomorphs in our collection, Kenner was there to provide us some fun, TOY versions that you could actually PLAY WITH.

Of course, they are based on a cartoon that never made it past the pilot stage (thanks to Alien for the rare screencaps they dug up of the one episode created), so again - what is the relevance?
To me, they will be hard to beat unless we finally get the "grail" of ALIENS toys - full-blown 3 3/4 versions with vehicles and playsets. And I don't see that happening any time soon.

Friday, July 15, 2011

OSM update - one more down

If you follow my blog, you know that the Outer Space Men are one of my big wants from toy history.

Mark one more off the list.Alpha 7 has passed through the Toyfinity gate. And so did a Microman who was lost in my garage, lol.
Another shot of him with helmet off, unique to this site.

Only two more to go - Orbitron and Astro-Nautilus. Somehow I think this quest might take a lo000000ng time....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Pheyaos of a different color(s)

Little to say here - Goto Pheyaos!Each of these guys has a unique paint spray pattern. This one is mine. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This is something. Really something.

A long while ago (in Kent time), my buddy the Godbeast asks me if I have seen the guy over on the Little Rubber Guys forum who is making "giant Mordles." Maybe it was around April 1st, but I thought he was messing with me.

So I jumped over there and hot damn, there are some giant Mordles being made by a guy named "Leo Laser". Not someone that was known to me. but the Mordles are exquisite, honestly. And I wanted to contact him to make me some! I mean, they are flippin' awesome!
Nothing came of it - I got tied up in BOOLEY madness and many other things....

A few weeks ago I receive a Priority mail box. Not an unusual occurrence at my place where mail is received. Inside was....

I included the original Mordle this one is based off of so you can see the scale of it up close.

Another shot.

I mean, it is incredible. And made of foam, just like a Madball. I love it so much. My mind is percolating with so many things that can be made out of foam.

To mr. Laser - thank you. For people who are interested in giant foam Mordles, there were some for sale on eBay in recent times, but you could probably also jump over to the LRG forum and see if mr. Laser wants to put more together.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


In the excitement of thinking about the new OSM being released at SDCC this year, I dug out all my carded sets and took a lot at them...
It was one of the Horsemen who suggested putting the non-Infinity editions on a card for display. I think they really pop nicely.

Alpha Wave.

And here is a random shot of the OSM in a pilfered space ship.Beta Wave.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Update on Custom Corps 3

Now that the acquiring has finished, here is a shot of the finished Custom Corps 3 collection.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New arrivals!

From the great Toyfinity gate comes new arrivals!

Who is this mysterious new Outer Space Man?

The Infection has been defeated. Two warriors enter the universe, looking for their place.

An ancient Zeroid is returned to life, his ship destroyed. What will his role be in this new place?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Updates on Power Lords and Zeroids!

As part of the reorganizing, I wanted to get some of the more special collections into better spaces...Power Lords was one of those. I had the figures on a shelf, but really wanted to get the Volcan Rock into the mix. I mean, I did unbox this one myself to make sure I had a super-minty example.

In the storyline, the Extra-Terrestrial Alliance has finally located the Power Base. Drrench was their first target. He decided to warn Adam Power that the Alliance was coming for him, reaching the Power Lord and his friends just as his life was ebbing away.

The Alliance has arrived! And they have some devastating new members. To quote Danny DeVito "criss-cross!"
The battle will be immense...

Meanwhile, back on planet Zeton...
Maxx Steele meets with his "father", who has a message of grave importance.
Maxx's "son", one of the Zibit race, listens in, as one day he will be expected to lead the Robo Force.