Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This is something. Really something.

A long while ago (in Kent time), my buddy the Godbeast asks me if I have seen the guy over on the Little Rubber Guys forum who is making "giant Mordles." Maybe it was around April 1st, but I thought he was messing with me.

So I jumped over there and hot damn, there are some giant Mordles being made by a guy named "Leo Laser". Not someone that was known to me. but the Mordles are exquisite, honestly. And I wanted to contact him to make me some! I mean, they are flippin' awesome!
Nothing came of it - I got tied up in BOOLEY madness and many other things....

A few weeks ago I receive a Priority mail box. Not an unusual occurrence at my place where mail is received. Inside was....

I included the original Mordle this one is based off of so you can see the scale of it up close.

Another shot.

I mean, it is incredible. And made of foam, just like a Madball. I love it so much. My mind is percolating with so many things that can be made out of foam.

To mr. Laser - thank you. For people who are interested in giant foam Mordles, there were some for sale on eBay in recent times, but you could probably also jump over to the LRG forum and see if mr. Laser wants to put more together.

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