Friday, July 29, 2011

The Annual Final SDCC Report - part duex

In part one, we just kinda bullshitted around and talked about how bad the con was for me.
I know what you are really here to see - the HAUL!!!!!
Seriously, my post from last year is still getting like 40 hits a month. What up wit dat?

The overview.
It was an expensive con.

In the left-half of the pic, we can see an exclusive Twilight Zone Invader figure from Biff Bang Bow, one of the few Volkruin Glyans and a Rig (brought for me to purchase because of the non-Con drop), two Tankopula variants, Alpha 7 and Electron+ from the new series of Outer Space Men, Queen Marlena from MOTU Classics, Darkseid Build-a-figure from DC Classics (built him for only $55, due to sales on the con floor), and a piece of Vectar...

The middle of the pic - your full view of the elusive Fishtank Castle, some MonstreHero customs on the parapet, a cloaked RxH VS Tarantulas VS Onell VS Cavey Nibbler, Vectar, the standard RxH Nibbler, a Medieval Nibbler, Cringer, an RxH Chaos Trooper...
And the last view of the pic - Enforcer Sarvos RxH mini, and the other two new OSM, Commander Comet and Mystron.
I had to buy two sets of the OSM to build some variations.
It was obviously a Nibbler-centric convention product-wise, but more on that in a future post.
I think what excited me the most of the above was the new set of Outer Space Men. Four more figures closer to the goal of all the originals being made in Glyos format! Additionally, at the show, they previewed ORBITRON and the amazing COLOSSUS REX! You can see pics on the main page over at
I didn't take many candid pics this year, as part of my "this is the worst con ever" feeling.
The other big awesome news regarded new MOTU Classics and a Mattel Voltron that has to be seen to be believed. Look at and for pics of those.

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Anonymous said...

O_O You got one of those FishTank Nibbler castles, you magnificent BASTARD! I saw that thing via pics from the show & it's just way too cool for words. Is it resin or vinyl? O_o?? I'm digging that Nibbler with the dragon wings & head, which one is that again?

Excellent haul otherwise dude, I've been looking forward to the Invader Twlight Zone figure, is this a preview sample or the real-deal?

I wanted to grab some of the new OSM figures but due to work & forgetfulness, I missed out on their online release. If there are any at NYCC as exclusives I totally will be buying a set. Orbitron & Colossus Rex look amazing; I totally want to make monsters with the Colossus Rex figure. After those two, I think we'll just need Gamma-X, Gemini & Cyclops to completely have re-made all the original OSM toys.

TONS of cool MotU info this year too, I'm going to be buying at least 1 figure a month from now until March; I needs me a Fearless Photog! :D