Saturday, July 30, 2011

SDCC Final Edition - Part Three

Secret pics!

A crazy Paul Kaiju monster "Double Salamander Joe". So neat in person.

Hulk Nibbler. This is not a new piece - you may have seen it on the Onell blog way back when during a "Trip to China" post. Don't get excited - this thing is not coming soon in any way.
It is made out of a hardcore rubber, just like the Winter Nibblers and the Fishtank Castle. Could be a fun piece if it ever sees production - what do you guys think? Should I bug the Tarantulas to put them in production? Is it worth big bucks to you? (you would need an Armodoc to give it arms and legs, it is meant to interact with the parts of that figure)


The Pathologist said...

Bug bug bug the crap out of him till he makes one...

WolverineBurger said...

I want one!