Friday, January 30, 2009

Glyos Checklist G009 - Frontier Pheyden

Ahh...Frontier Pheyden. The second Pheyden I ever bought. I'm going to take a second to catch up on the memories.

Okay. So Frontier Pheyden above is not shown in his official Onell Design. I modified him - which is one of the most beautiful parts of the design of these toys - by swapping out the original shoulder parts with the upper leg parts (to accomodate the larger gloves), and created longer gloves for him by adding parts from the lower legs to his arms.
In my view of the Frontier character, I saw him as a Pheyden with two alternate modes - a taller mode as shown on the left, and the more compact mode shown on the right.
Frontier was a Pheyden who woke up on a planet still stuck in the time before space travel. It would be most similar to the Earth-era Wild West, except for the proliferation of alien life forms.
He was originally the same height as all of the other Pheydens, but in a battle with another alien, he forever transformed into a taller version.
The smaller version, which is called "Runty" by the denizens of Frontier Town, is much stronger as a result of Pheyden's atoms compacting. His limbs become transparent, flashing with power as he moves.
Frontier Pheyden does not possess the ability to move through time and space as some of his other selves do; additionally, he does not possess any of their cosmic awareness. As far as he knows, he is the only Pheyden in the universe.

Frontier Pheyden is still available from Onell Design, although stock is very limited.

Check out my review of Dapol's Doctor Who line!

It is long dead and buried, but Doctor Who was once only sold as a 3 3/4 line.

Check out my review over at is a new destination for all your 3 3/4, or 1/18th scale, needs. There is an active discussion forum there, and all the news and reviews you would expect from a site devoted to a subject. Check it out!

Glyos Checklist G008 - Nebula Pheyden

Nebula Pheyden is a great friend of Rothan Pheyden.

Nebula was once the same pale blue color as the main Pheyden of the Glyos system. But a freak accident while traveling through space and time pulled him into a nebula.
The energies of the nebula were turbulent and worked upon the Pheyden; slowly, he absorbed those energies and was transformed into the purple hue shown above.
A passing science ship found Nebula floating in space, his mind inactive.
But when the ship was attacked a renegade group of Sincroids looking for their lost leader, Nebula returned to consciousness and helped the scientists shut down the Sincroids.

Later, after he had learned all that he could from the science ship, Nebula befriended Rothan Pheyden in an adventure that nearly resulted in the destruction of five planets. Together they have continued on in a quest for knowledge, and a chance to help Rothan control his great anger.

Nebula Pheyden has an understanding of the universe that few others do due to his time in the nebula. At times, when his will is exerted, the bonds of molecular cohesion can be disrupted and and object will be scattered into its component atoms.
This is not a power than he can exhibit on command, but happens at times of great stress.
Nebula is also the inventor and pilot of the Androbos Reflex Suit, a multi-limbed mech that allows the user to complete many tasks at once.

Nebula Pheyden is still available from Onell Design - but stock is low, so be wary of waiting to place your order.

Glyos Checklist G007 - Rothan Pheyden

I spoke a little bit about Rothan Pheyden in my write-up on Fauna Pheyden, one of my custom Pheyden versions.

I see him as one of the toughest of the Pheyden - a fighter until the end. His most frequent gesture is the upraised fist, knuckles facing out at those he either honors - or is about to destroy.
His most frequent compatriot is the scientist, Nebula Pheyden. Together, they travel the Edge of Space and find themselves wrapped up in planetary intrigue and solving scientific mysteries. Of course, Rothan would solve every mystery by punching out the suspects if Nebula allowed him to.

Rothan Pheyden is still available at the ONell Design store as of this writing, and I highly recommend him as a good starter figure for your Glyos collection.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Comics you should be reading - Hack/Slash

Frequently, I overhear in my local comic stores that people want something different. That they are tired of Wolverine. That they want something that isn't just superheroes done the Marvel/DC way. But what I always see people buying is the hot DC crossover, or the $5 Marvel Comic with 12 pages of story.

If you want something really different, and if you are in tune with the horror genre, as I am, then there is a comic you need to be checking out on a monthly basis: Hack/Slash.

(think of the 1980's horror movie promotion voice) Cassie Hack.
She doesn't fit in at school.
Her mother works in the school cafeteria.
Boys would rather kick her - than kiss her.
But when the other children start disappearing,
she may be the only one who can stop...the Lunch Lady.
(end promo)

Cassie, Vlad, and weapon

Hack/Slash is the story of Cassandra Hack, your typical outcast at school who is heading for a life that would make Carrie look like Miss America. But where Carrie's mom was single, crazy and no help to her, Cassies' mom is single, a master chef in the school cafeteria, and a PSYCHO.
Soon, children are missing, and mystery meat is the main course at school.
Cassie confronts her mother, but before the situation can be resolved, the police burst in on them. Betrayed, Cassie's mother commits suicide by drowning herself in a pot of soup.

Cassie goes on with her life, but kids start to disappear again. Mrs. Hack is back - now as an undead slasher* known as The Lunch Lady. Cassie survives another encounter with her mother, dispatching her in grand slasher film tradition.

In anger, Cassie vows to rid the world of slashers, and sets off into the world in search of slashers.
While searching for a butcher on the subway known as the Meatman, she mistakenly targets Vlad, a hulking, misshapen brute of a man with a kind soul, as the slasher. While fighting him, she realizes that he is not the killer, and after they take down the Meatman together, they forge a partnership to battle the slashers together.

In the span of 30+ issues, they have battled Chucky from the Child's Play franchise, Herbert West (a guy who re-animates dead bodiesm from a series that shall not be named for copyright reasons), and a host of other murdering madmen - and women.
Seriously, a book this good should be selling more than 5000 copies a month, when New Avengers is selling 150K issues per month.
So, the next time you are at your local comic shop, pick up a back issue of Hack/Slash - or better yet, plunk down $15 and get the first volume in trade form from the Devil's Due webstore. I know you'll enjoy it.

If anyone does try it out, please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!

*slasher - a killer, usually back from the dead, who kills a specific subset of victims based on geographic location, age group, or some other qualifying attribute. Can usually take an inhuman amount of trauma, may be able to regenerate from wounds.

(Hack/Slash artwork courtesy Devil's Due Productions)

Glyos Checklist F006 - BioPheyden

I'll admit this upfront - BioPheyden is one of my favorite of all the possible Glyos combinations.

Again, please note that I have customized him with the dirty parts, et cetera, yadda yadda, rinse repeat.

BioPheyden can be built from parts already shown on figures in the checklist.

I'll leave you with the official description from the Glyos Blog:
Bio Pheyden is one of the strongest alternate Pheydens in any known dimension. He wears a special hardened Flexion Suit to protect agains the influence of the Villser creatures.

Glyos Checklist F004 and F005 - Mystery

"Tell me this, Gobon. What do you know of a..."Skull" Pheyden and a powerful blue Sincroid?"

thanks to Onell Design for the pics.

Glyos Checklist F003 - Pheyden in Trapper Suit

The Trapper Suit. Elegant simplicity in design, the Trapper Suit allows a Glyan to capture a much larger animal through sheer mental force. It also offers protection from the many dangers that the wild creatures of the Glyos system may pose: poison-proof; laser-proof; even, yes, death-proof.

The Trapper Suit. Don't Be A Statistic - Be a Trapper.

NOTE: Dygans of Metran is not responsible for injuries sustained while wearing Trapper Suit. Also, Trapper Suit power grid has a duration of plus or minus six hours, depending on power source used. Do not use Trapper Suit in a vortex. Trapper Suit may contain elemental lead. If Trapper Suit begins to glow, do not remove Trapper Suit.
Dygans does not warranty Trapper Suits past seven days.
Shop Dygans of Metran for all your Capture, Trapper, Flexion and Dynamo Suit needs.

Glyos Checklist F002 - Exellis Capture Suit

Today's update is one of the few official figures that have been featured on the Glyos blog that you can create using parts that are available, but that was never officially sold as a figure.

This is Exellis in his Capture Suit.
A Capture Suit, as listed in the official documentation of the Glyos System, is "a specialized outfit that can customize to its surroundings and includes an automatic response system that protects the user from harsh conditions."

To build this figure, you need a version one of the Standard Exellis, and a version one of the Reverse Exellis. Neither of these figures are currently available for sale.

PLEASE NOTE: the figure shown above has been customized with extra dirt, just the way I wanted it. The parts for the figure were sold to me in a clean condition, which I then dirtied up.
Remember, it is up to you how you customize your figures. Go crazy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Glyos Checklist F001 - Reverse Exellis V1

One of the more powerful modules changes Exellis into a Reverse version of himself. The module is contained in a Sincroid foot.
The Reverse Module gives Exellis power over time and space to reverse time around him up to ten minutes.
The module requires a month to recharge.

Later, after Exellis is split into multiple versions of himself by Redlaw, ESREVER is confronted by the mysterious entity known as Sarvos. A battle the end, there is only Sarvos, clad in the same colors that RE once was.

Reverse Exellis V1 was never commercially available for sale online. It was only available at a select number of conventions in 2008. Hence, it has been given an F designation on the checklist. Any figures that are released, or are in general, fun one-offs, will be featured on the checklist with the F### numbering.
However, due to demand for the figure, Onell Design has produced a version 2 of this figure, which also serves as the Standard Sarvos body.

Also, standard note - this figure has been customized with extra black "space tar" deco by myself, to emulate the wear and tear seen on droids in movies like Star Wars. (insert Artoo-Deeto noises here). No R2 - I am telling the complete truth. I can customize my toys any way I want...

(gets out paint brush and Grand Maximus figure) Whistle, whistle....

Glyos Checklist G006 - Hyper Exellis

Hyper Exellis
Upgrade Module - left hand
The Hyper upgrade allows Exellis to move at three times his normal speed in all activities, for a maximum of ten minutes. It also triples his strength, and allows him to use Phase Arms without depleting his energy.
The module requires a 24 hour recharge time before it can be used again.

Hyper Exellis is available from Onell Design for the low price of $8. Get yours today!

Glyos Checklist G005 - Aves Exellis

In Exellis' quest to find all of the Upgrade Modules and solve the mystery of his existence, the second module that he finds is a chest module. It is marked, in very small letters, the Glyosian equivalent text to "Aves".
Although Exellis does not know it, a being called Aves is a crew member on the Edgeliner Delphi, sometimes called the "Floating Space Zoo". He too is a Sincroid, assisting Rechlen in capturing rare space beasts for the Great Zoo on Metran. It seems inevitable that their paths will cross...
Exellis learns quickly that the module has only one power - it allows him to switch between modules by use of subspace storage, and also automatically saves the module in subspace once he touches it. This will surely save him time and aggravation - previous to discovering the Aves module, Exellis needed to carry a container of body parts to swap out limbs to access the different powers.

Aves Exellis is no longer available through Onell Design.

Glyos Checklist G004 - Standard Exellis

Alright people - we are in the nitty-gritty countdown to New York Comic Con - NYCC - it is time to post some content!

Continuing the ongoing need to catalog each and every Glyos system release, today we bring you another of the key figures in the entire line - Standard Exellis.

The official bio for Exellis:
Rebelling against his tyrannical creators in the Glyos System, Prototype Sincroid Exellis battles for the freedom of his mechanical brethren as leader of the Lost Sincroid Revolution.

Exellis, in my universe, is a lone wolf looking for the answer that all beings need at some point in their existence: why? What is my purpose?
The possible solution to his question is spread throughout the universe. Whoever created the Sincroids left a trail for Exellis to follow, in the form of Upgrade Modules. These upgrade modules each grant their own unique ability and specialty to Exellis when he acquires them. Most cause him to undergo a shift in his color frequency to reflect the module's power.

Standard Exellis is the basic figure you need for your collection; this edition is long retired from production. However, due to the popularity of the character, you can buy a version 2 of this figure from the Onell Design website in their store.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UPDATE! Lego set acquired

I got set 6826 Crater Crawler! So mark that off the Lego list.
I also picked up the Cosmic Laser Launcher, completing my Futuron sets, and the Space Police Spy Trak 1, which I have no comment on.
There are a number of Lego sets which exist just to fill a price point. Spy Trak is one of those.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

eBay!!!! Madness- my stuff for sale!

Pick up some gems from my collection on eBay:
Stuff like DC Classics Wave 6, Fangry, more!

One thing - I don't accept bidders outside the US. Sorry - too many issues with shipping, processing payments, etc.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Bloody Valentine, 11:14, and...Movie Reviews on the quick side

If you like horror, please take $10 of your hard-earned dollars and go see My Bloody Valentine on the big-screen in 3D. It really deserves to be a big hit. It made over $20 million opening weekend, but could use your support this week and next weekend.

Another movie I caught on cable over the weekend was 11:14, one of the hundreds of small budget films that gets lost in the shuffle of huge releases from the major studios. It is a film that details a number of events that occur at 11:14 one particular night, leading to a number of macabre and interesting twists.
The cast includes Henry Thomas, Patrick Swayze, Hilary Swank, Rachael Leigh Cook, and Ben Foster.

One to avoid is Blackballed: the Bobby Dukes Story. It stars Rob Corrdry, who is known for his work on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show. What happens when the world's greatest paintball player is caught cheating? About an hour and a half of unfunny material. I was reminded a lot of the Foot-Fist Way, a similarly unfunny representation of one man's triumphs and failures in a minor sport/athletic activitity. I appreciate what they were going for, but it doesn't work.

A campy favorite I recently was finally able to view was Zoltan: Dracula's Hound. It is a film that is hard to take seriously - Zoltan has a flashback, the "Igor" in the film keeps saying Zoltan over and over again, the musical score does not match what is happening on screen - but it is a campy gem that would be a fun viewing experience for a horror fan.

Today I watched a Guillermo Del Toro film from his earlier works called The Devil's Backbone. It kept me interested, in a Euro-horror sort of way. They develop the horror at a much slower pace than US films do. Characterization is key in this film, and it works. If I pitched a horror film starring two adolescents during the Spanish Civil War to my investors, they would laugh me out of the building.

Also recommendation to skip - a Jason Biggs vehicle called Guy X. Although you do get an appearance from Michael Ironside, and Natascha McElhone has a starring role, which is never a bad thing.

One wonders where some of these films come from. There are hundreds of films made every year, but only a few are given the public chance to fail or succeed, with a majority of them winding up where the above did: in my DVR, mailbox from Netflix, on a borrowed VHS tape...
It does give me hope that our plans for Stifler to star in my magnum opus horror film will come to fruition.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Just a pic of what remains of my Microman 2004 collection. As usual, I jumped out right when the line was ending. This seems to be my curse with Microman.
If I buy into whatever the next incarnation is, I have to fight my gut instinct, because when I quit the line, it ends within three assortments.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The most dangerous threat to the Glyos universe - part 2

Pheyden and Ranic Pheyden stepped through the Great Doors of the temple on Trax Three, breathing hard. It was following them, and there would surely be no escape. Pheyden looked at Ranic with panic, which was unusual to see in a Pheyden. The Kromnet suit had done nothing. It could shatter a star, but this thing had shrugged off the blow and absorbed the energy as easily as an Aulder drank cosmic rain. Pheyden switched to his Tempest suit, watching as Monstrous drug its immense body through the temple gates. The eight eyes of the massive creature blinked as it stared down what it considered to be a tasty snack...

M O N S T R O U S.

Please note: Monstrous has been painted specifically to look as if parts of it have been through the wear and tear of ripping through dimensions and feeding on the life energy of all the inhabitants. Thus, the "tar like" substance you can see on some of the limbs is intentional and does not reflect the intention or work of Onell Design. Thank you.

This is a hand.

The first stop for the ultra-mysterious Glyosian creation partially pictured above and MONSTROUS this year will be NYCC. Look for him where Glyos figures are sold.

Please note: This ultra-mysterious creation is partially the result of fusion between a number of different Glyosian beings. A by-product of this fusion is a black, tar-like substance which can be seen on some pieces in the above pictures. This is a customized version of a toy from Onell Design, and does not reflect the original, clean condition that the toys were received in. Thank you.

Me am Infinite Hero!

'Nuff said.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Lesson - don't buy mint on card vintage Madballs...

to open. This is what you wind up with when the rubber and foam don't cure properly:

it was the 80's, we didn't know NOT to go to bathhouses...

See the horrible faded colors (definite sun damage didn't help these guys)? The spots where the rubber has disappeared? I SUNK MY FINGERS INTO SWINE SUCKER AND KILLED HIM!

Don't let this happen to your Madballs.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Recommended films from the Doc - Effects

I recently had the pleasure to be transported back in time with the arrival of a film from Netflix called Effects. It is a horror film, and I think it best to not really describe the plot, to best preserve the story and what happens during it.

I will say that it stars Joe Pilato, who horror fans will know as Captain Rhodes in the original Day of the Dead. Tom Savini also has a role in the film. John Harrison, one of the greatest horror composers of all time (based mostly on his role in the score for Creepshow), has an acting role in the film as well.
Also, I will state that it has a very comfortable pace, dealing out the story on its own terms and not moving very quickly. It is not action-packed...but a very detailed moody piece of cinema which would most likely have bewildered the general audience if it had been released at the time.

When a time passes out of history and is replaced by another, it is gone forever.
We can see many things over and over again that cement that time in our memory. For instance, Dawn of the Dead. The actors in the film are 30 years older now. If there was a child in the movie, they are older; old people may have passed who appeared in the film. The fashions...the mall itself - gone in that incarnation. There are no arcades any more - no real ones, anyway (at least not within driving distance of my house).
Effects is another, rarely-seen snapshot of that time and place. An unfamiliar cousin to your well-liked friend, that hopefully you will enjoy as much as I did.

I would like to thank Synapse for finally allowing this film to be seen. They deserve to be commended for their ongoing efforts to preserve the films the Criterion Collection will not touch.

I recommend you buy this film from Movies Unlimited if you are so inclined. Their physical store in Philadelphia was a wonder to behold after the dark days when Blockbuster killed off every decent video store in the area.

What does an almost complete Lego Classic Space collection look like?

It was a nightmare to cram all of the sets into this pic. I was dealing with limited display space at the time, but I like the hustle and bustle of the jammed spaceports of the (Lego) future.
I am missing only two sets from this essential era of Lego*: Sonic Robot (a tough set to get in the US, but one of the only sets a friend of mine had as a kid, so go figure) and Crater Crawler.

My all-time favorite set can be seen in the lower left-hand corner of the picture - 6980 Galaxy Commander. I did not acquire this set until adulthood, but it was worth every penny. It is one of the only sets I bought with the box.

Lego is so much fun - you can build anything you can imagine (and get parts for).

Check out - the instruction cover scans above are courtesy of them. You can find info about all your favorite Lego sets there.

*I am missing a handful of bricks from some sets here and there, and a few were done in custom colors - there were a few non-US sets which were built out of all grey bricks where I used all black bricks, for example.

Junk list! Who wants...

Panosh Place Voltron stuff?

Anyone need the above, seriously? I want to get rid of it. Should just throw it out, but there might be one person out there who needs a badly yellowed Red Pilot and the Blazing Sword

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fun and cheap toys - GoBots and DC Infinite Heroes!

Not everything in your collection can be a Star Saber, USS Flagg, or a Futuron Monorail set.
After all, many toys become "valuable collectors items" (YECH) over the course of time, and do not stand up well to handling.

I have always maintained an "A" line that I collect - Star Wars, Gi Joe, Transformers - something where I am likely to collect most of the releases that are...released, from a line which has an extensive number of figures and characters.
And additionally, a number of secondary lines that I collect for the fun of it, or due to an interest in the characters, but usually something that won't be too extensive. Some of them are fairly short lived - Mezco's South Park, for example - and in the end, take up one small shelf in a room, thus preserving their survival when the great cullings occur when I have too many toys*. Madballs is another in this category.
Something like WWE Wrestling figures from Jakks, to use another example, have too many releases to stay on top of, a number of exclusives which are a pain to obtain (or so rare that it is stupid - one of 100 on something that thousands of collectors legitimately want?), and take up a lot of space - so I collect them for a few years, get fed up with it, and blow out the line on eBay or on collector's forums.

One of my all time B-lines is Computer Warriors from Mattel. A solid mix of vehicles and micro-figures add up to a lot of potential fun.

Recently, I have added a number of figures to the collections from a long-time B line of toys - the Gobots from Tonka - and a growing army of figures from a recent Mattel line, DC Universe Infinite Heroes.

These were not cheap. Their die-cast is real, but they are not.

Above we can see a couple of examples of Gobots. These particular two figures are not what I could call cheap, especially for what they are. Gobots are known for being very floppy, terribly named in many cases, and suffering in comparison to a much greater robot-to-something line. I am referring, of course, to Web Diver, but you knew that already.
I did not have fond memories of the Gobots. Mostly, this was due to my mother "throwing" (her code word for "I gave them to some other kids") away my Gobots around...1992 or so. I forgot about them...mostly. The ones that stuck in my mind were some of the most basic ones - Tank, Loco - who were of the "bend me in half and I am my alt-mode" variety. I had forgotten how nice some of them were - Defendor being a favorite.
One of the most frequent criticisms I see of Gobots are that they are not as good as Transformers - the K-Mart Transformers, as referenced in Kevin Smith's Clerks II. I can't disagree with that comment - they aren't as good as Transformers, in most cases.
But when one peels back the curtain, we can see exactly why this is - they were never meant to be direct competition for Gobots.
Gobots were directed at a completely different audience in Japan than Transformers were. There is an entire sub-division of toys sold in Japan that are sold through vending machines. I hear that many, many items are sold this way - video games, used female panties, food...even toys. So Gobots (or Machine Robo, as it was titled in Japan) was meant as a quick toy on the go, unlike Transformers, some of which required memorizing exactly where every arm, knee, shoulder, windscreen, and head fold up to make it resemble a realistic car.
You want a mind-shattering fact that explains the R and D that went into Gobots? They had contests to let KIDS decide what vehicle modes should be used! Yeah. Transformers never did that - mostly because Takara would probably wind up getting sued somehow, and changing the entire space-time continuum and insuring that we got a live-action Gobots movie last year. But in any case, it explains a trash truck getting picked as a vehicle. Can you imagine being the robot who gets that alt-mode by mistake?
CyKill to Flytrap - "Go hide as a trash truck!" Sounds like the kind of thing someone would be writing fan-fiction about...
SOOOO...a few hundred words later, I picked up some Gobots last year for a couple bucks at a toy show...and they weren't half-bad. I checked eBay prices - and saw that some lots of figures were selling for cheap, giving a collector a price of approximately $2 per figure! Cheaper than original retail. Of course, buying them originally you didn't have missing arms, rotted tires, etc, but I put together a pretty extensive Gobot run for pretty cheap (10 basic figures to go!).
Like any other toyline, I am down to the figures who go for some money - the early figure Pumper, being discontinued early on, being the oldest chronological figure I still do not have.
Some of the later figures, as can be seen on Super Toy Archive, can be quite pricey.
If you decide to collect Gobots, just remember - do not expect something at the complexity level of a Transformer, and you should have a good time.

Now, about DC Infinite of my favorite lines of all-time is Super Powers from Kenner. You can see the entire line-up at this Flickr page. Awesome stuff - Kenner really had sculpting down, for most of the lines they ever did. They wrote the playbook on how to make successful toylines, in my opinion (and then threw it all away on Congo, Waterworld, Capitol Critters, and a few other horrific stinkers). It's hard to beat the character selection they had - most of the biggies from that era of DC are represented. I could argue a few nostalgic favorites - Mr. Bones, perhaps - and the character selection in series 3 was a bit off - Tyr when there are no Legion characters? Cyborg all by himself? Characters Kenner designed (Cyclotron, Golden Pharoah) instead of more New Gods? But those are nit-picks.
I had wished when DC Direct started up that they continued where Kenner left off, but they went to a much larger scale. Eventually, they announced "Pocket Heroes". They would be smaller than Super Powers, but promised an awesome selection of characters - Golden Age. JLA, JSA, the Legion, etc, etc. This is what we got:

A bit stylized, to be sure, but I liked the figures. I was more angry that they did one or two figures from a family, and then canceled the line.
I have been leery ever since of collecting any DC line. I have a couple of the Mattel DC Universe Classics - Eradicator, Despero, Captain Atom, Wonder Woman - but I don't want a comprehensive DC Universe in a six-inch scale. My someday-to-be-photographed five and six inch scale display is filled to the brim with figures.
I want a figure line I can put into a box and put away if I need display space.

Enter Infinite Heroes.

The figure you see above is a Qwardian Weaponer.
Now that you have Googled him, I will say that he is an enemy of the Green Lantern Corps, part of an entire race of aliens which lives in the Anti-Matter universe. And not well known to non-comics fans, I think. There have been a lot of DC cartoons over the last few years that I have not watched, so who knows? He could have been a major Justice League villian.
I held out on these for a few months, because frankly, the price was too high - the above figure was $6 to $7 at most retailers. Also, the quality on the first releases was hit-and-miss - Superman has giant hands, for example.
Target has priced these, if in a single pack, at $5-$5.25. Which works for me. They are fun and cheap, especially when the six-inch figures are around $10-$12 each.
A three-pack of IH ranges from $12.99 at TRU, $15 at Wal-Mart, to $16-$18 at Target. Targets in the NJ/PA area have prices that differ from store to store, inexplicably.
It was Dr. Fate who finally broke me. I have always like the design for Dr. Fate. So I picked him up, and a bunch of his friends. Pictures have popped up of the plans for this line in 2009 (character choices, better articulation, sculpting fixes), so I knew it was time to get on-board.
They are not for every one, but I love the asthetic. It feels very classic to me, to minimize the sculpted parts and create the outfit with paint. Not something I want to see on a line like Gi Joe or Transformers, but it works well for these.


I already linked Super Toy Archive for Gobots.

Super Powers - google ToyOtter and Super Powers. No more can be said after you see those sites.

Infinite Heroes - as the line is still in its infancy, there is no definitive checklist site or archive out there. Check out Joe Acevedo for a visual archive. The Rumor Buster has a text checklist that I find slightly hard to read due to the release date information, but it is also useful. eBay and also can help you know what is currently in release.

*is there such a thing? HELL YES.