Thursday, January 29, 2009

Glyos Checklist F003 - Pheyden in Trapper Suit

The Trapper Suit. Elegant simplicity in design, the Trapper Suit allows a Glyan to capture a much larger animal through sheer mental force. It also offers protection from the many dangers that the wild creatures of the Glyos system may pose: poison-proof; laser-proof; even, yes, death-proof.

The Trapper Suit. Don't Be A Statistic - Be a Trapper.

NOTE: Dygans of Metran is not responsible for injuries sustained while wearing Trapper Suit. Also, Trapper Suit power grid has a duration of plus or minus six hours, depending on power source used. Do not use Trapper Suit in a vortex. Trapper Suit may contain elemental lead. If Trapper Suit begins to glow, do not remove Trapper Suit.
Dygans does not warranty Trapper Suits past seven days.
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