Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Glyos Checklist G005 - Aves Exellis

In Exellis' quest to find all of the Upgrade Modules and solve the mystery of his existence, the second module that he finds is a chest module. It is marked, in very small letters, the Glyosian equivalent text to "Aves".
Although Exellis does not know it, a being called Aves is a crew member on the Edgeliner Delphi, sometimes called the "Floating Space Zoo". He too is a Sincroid, assisting Rechlen in capturing rare space beasts for the Great Zoo on Metran. It seems inevitable that their paths will cross...
Exellis learns quickly that the module has only one power - it allows him to switch between modules by use of subspace storage, and also automatically saves the module in subspace once he touches it. This will surely save him time and aggravation - previous to discovering the Aves module, Exellis needed to carry a container of body parts to swap out limbs to access the different powers.

Aves Exellis is no longer available through Onell Design.

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