Friday, January 30, 2009

Glyos Checklist G007 - Rothan Pheyden

I spoke a little bit about Rothan Pheyden in my write-up on Fauna Pheyden, one of my custom Pheyden versions.

I see him as one of the toughest of the Pheyden - a fighter until the end. His most frequent gesture is the upraised fist, knuckles facing out at those he either honors - or is about to destroy.
His most frequent compatriot is the scientist, Nebula Pheyden. Together, they travel the Edge of Space and find themselves wrapped up in planetary intrigue and solving scientific mysteries. Of course, Rothan would solve every mystery by punching out the suspects if Nebula allowed him to.

Rothan Pheyden is still available at the ONell Design store as of this writing, and I highly recommend him as a good starter figure for your Glyos collection.

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