Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The true Boss of the Zeroids

Sparks from Toy Story - c'mon, he's a Zeroid. And this one is HUGE. Found it on clearance at the K-Mart, works well as a Zeroid.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


been waiting a number of years to add this character to my shelves.
Happy with the way it turned out - the additional head is just icing on the cake.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Another solid offering from Mattel.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Only one to go - an OSM update!

Orbitron is mine. Just Astro-Nautilus to go, now...
and Chatterer II was a pick-up at the recent MonsterMania con, just for the hell of it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wah-wah, my meowsricus hurts

Go and get a vaccine against bullshit, then read this thread: thinks we need less MOTU per year!

I want you to see the pattern.
The fans wanted more than 12 figures per year. So they got the variants.
Then they wanted more - so we got beasts.
Now for a one-time-only anniversary for 30 years of MOTU, they are hitting us with everything we could want in one year. TOO MUCH! scream the fans.
And the grand total for "what people have always wanted from MOTU"? Less than $1000, closer to $700.

C'mon people. Are you telling me that you can't sum up that type of cash for something you "have always wanted?"
It makes me laugh. Especially the one guy who said "I hope nothing else comes out in those months from any other toy line!" Where's your loyalty to He-Man, friend?

(I've reached a point where I don't know if my posts here are sarcasm or true. I'm on the Doughty sleep schedule until I have Ernie Hudson and Doug Bradley on film and out of my state)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Just say no to blind boxes

I am a big South Park fan.

Rarely a day goes by where I am not quoting South Park or making jokes about it.
So, in the run-up to SDCC this year, I hear that Kidrobot has the license for South Park.
Which is good - I could always use a few new figures.
But then the bad news - BLIND BOXES.

I understand the strategy, but to quote Danny Glover, "I'm getting too old for this shit."
I see the consolidation of toys in my mind, to a point where the "hunt" aspect is just bullshit on top of bullshit. I don't want to ride to a hundred stores looking for something; I have the money to buy the overpriced second-hand seller ones online, but I don't want to do that either.
Blind-boxes are even worse - it becomes the fucking lottery. I want a Butters, I get a Kenny; I try again, Stan; 3rd try, another Kenny. Then Kyle. Then Ms Choksondik. But to get to that Butters, I have three options:
1) keep buying and trying.
2) buy one online for a price equivalent to the rarity. Cases in point: old Smallest Transformers had 1 per CARTON (like 144 figures in a carton, so that is fucking RARE), so the chase was like $150 bucks. Or chase Marvel Legends, something that many people will be familiar with.
3) buy a case that guarantees all of the figures, then spend years selling/trading the extras.

I just can't do it any more.
The lines slowly consolidate, where Transformers hangs by a thread, MOTU gives me pause because they KEEP ADDING NEW ITEMS THAT MAKE ME GO TO THEIR SHITTY WEBSITE, and Glyos is king. And I'll always have a soft spot for new Freddy and Jason figures, as long as I don't have to go to the bottom of Crystal Lake to get an exclusive.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The absence of information leads to a void that only hatred can fill

To follow up on the post from Thursday this week, something that I didn't touch on was the overall cost of the MOTU subscription - or even just buying all of the figures in the subscription.

To those fans who want less than the 12 figures, beasts, and ephemera in the sub - FUCK YOU.
Here's my reasoning - you'll NEVER get what you want. It's a fact.
(it surprises me that I am as calm as I feel about this whole situation, as a person who once sold his entire G1 collection because of Beast Wars - "animals? The whole line? Fuck this shit!")
Do you know why, mystery fans of MOTU? Because you are too narrow minded.
I've had a life that some would deem extraordinary, even at 35 years of age.
An integral part of this life has been the ability to be open to new ideas. You know what rigid things do? They break when you attempt to bend them. Flexible things...bend.

With all due respect to the entity know as Tallstar on the boards, who I am unsure if I would dropkick, hug, or shake the hand of if I met this entity in person, I don't actually give two shits about the Star Sisters, poster deco, figure deco, imagination deco.
I'm unsure how this happened, but I am just HAPPY with whatever the fix is that Mattel decides to give us each month. i wish I could distill the funky measure that has gotten into my brains that just allows me to accept the monthly offering of MOTU Classics as "good enough".
Give me Bow. Give me Quakke. Give me Night Stalker, Faker, Demo-Man, whatever- it works for me.
Somehow they convinced me that whatever they sell in a box called MOTU every month is a MOTU figure. If only this could work for everyone out there...

Ah shit. Fuck that. I'm calling out Eric Treadaway right now. And Toy Guru. Where is my Lizorr? If he isn't made in 2012, I'm going to be a big baby and hold my breath until my vagina hurts.

Again, back to Glyos coverage in a day or so. And some special OSM stuff!

My big rant about (long and ranty!)

Hey there fans of Pheyden!

Today is going to be all about He-Man, so if you have no interest in it, or MattyCollector, you might want to skip this entry.

I have been reading over over the last few weeks since SDCC, and looking at the varied things that people have been saying about subscriptions, the Star Sisters, and so on.
Since reality doesn't extend into those forums and I have been banned from there for one big and stupid reason, here are a few points of clarification:
- I have a hard time understand why people don't understand how the budgeting works on this line. They have a certain budget for each year of figures, and they can't exceed that budget. So Whatever the tooling budget is, they cannot exceed it. Doesn't matter that these are "toys" - it is a BUSINESS. It's not Onell - they don't cut us breaks. They have stockholders. I know in DreamLand that we can say "just go over the budget, we are your fans, etc etc". That can't happen. Read a business book, for fuck's sake.

- I don't understand the people who only want vintage (i.e. made in the 80s figures) MOTU figures. There are some shitty figures in that roster - can those people tell me they legimately would want Rotar over Demo-Man, just because it was made in the "vintage" line? I mean, I would accept a nerd argument that Rotar was cooler than Demo-Man - I know that someone might think that. But to say "if not 80s, shit!" is crazy.

- and while we are in that vein, why the hatred for She-Ra/Star Sisters? The originals were shitty toys compared to the vintage MOTU figures - I wouldn't debate that. But in Classics? Who gives a shit? They look great! I have all the MOTU Classics so far - it is nice that something like Catra is part of the line, giving us the choice to expand the universe in that direct - and especially Optikk! I have all of the New Adventures figures from the old days, with the exception of the massively expensive (and super-shitty) Missile Armor Flipshot. Do I necessarily want the Star Sisters? Not really. But I can accept them as part of the MOTU universe. I just don't get the people who think they are not part of the universe - or who discriminate against Chief Carnivus or Optikk.

- for fuck's sake, how are there still people who have a debate about why the Sorceress is more expensive than Wun-Dar? STEEL MOLDS, people. Your toy might cost a dollar to make, but the mold to make it cost $XXXX (or XXXXX). And this is why we can't do pre-orders - do you want to pay $60 for the Sorceress? No? You like $20, right? So that is how it works - you have a figure like the Evil-Lyn from 2011 that cost them a new head and a cape, in the same year as well as a 100% new figure like Ram-Man.
(and think about the thermometer from DCUC subscriptions this year - that is what you would be dealing with if every MOTUC figure was a pre-order - there would be some baseline for a figure. "We need 10,000 people to want Angella!" Could you imagine NERD RAGE when a figure failed?)

- to people who complain about the "$800 when you include shipping" for the current MOTUC sub - I'm sorry that you are poor. But get over it. There won't be tiered subs. You are either all in, or all out. The subs are based on people who want to be all-in.

- and that is the final point - wake the fuck up. The line is not nearing death.
Take a deep breath. Clear your mind....

Okay. Now, think about this. What is the baseline for MOTU Classics to be put into production?
It was a number they hit during the first year of MOTU Classics sales.
The sub could be 10 NA/POP/200X figures, and Ram Man and Spikor - but it still might work.
Because there is a baseline that is required for these figures to go into production. Let's call it 10K figures. Because that is a simple number. So 10K people buy the sub - and Mattel can go into production. Everyone who buys the additional 5000 figures that are on sale during the sale day? It doesn't make a difference, but it is a sweet plum for Mattel to pick up. They have that baseline - they can make the Beasts, the figures, the oversized figures, etc.
The doom will only need to come out to play when the MOTU sub base is shit - like 5000 people.

- and, the end - Star Sisters 3-pack. What, you would rather them be three separate figures? And REALLY? $60 is too much for ya? That's what three figures, with a ton of new tooling, COST. Again, for fuck's sake. I have to wonder sometimes about the BRAINS of the people I see online.


And we are back to normal OSM and Glyos coverage tomorrow.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

When in Mexico...

Get yourself some bootleg MOTU!
(these are way old. Don't go there looking for them now)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The unquenchable thirst for old toys

So, the other day (really, about five weeks ago) I am watching TV, and a movie comes on that I have not seen in a long while - SMALL SOLDIERS.

Released in 1998, the film concerned a toy company that was bought out by a mega- conglomerate and accidentally used artificial intelligence in a new series of toys that fought each other.
It might have been one of the first movies from Dreamworks, and was directed by Joe Dante, who was the mastermind behind GREMLINS and other classics.
Can't miss, right? Wrong. It was not a success by any means.
Regardless of that, we couldn't have a movie that featured toys slip by without some figures. And Hasbro took up the gauntlet. I remember reading the Tomarts at the time and thinking "they are really giving this the mega push." If the movie was more successful, we might be still buying Small Soldiers toys on the shelves today.

But it wasn't, so we have to look at these in a historical context.

As was the trend at the time, the figures were done in multiple scales. These two, Archer and Chip Hazard, are 12 inch hard plastic figures with light and sound gimmicks (replicating some actions from the movie). They are probably the closest in design to what was actually seen onscreen, scale-wise.

Here we have a vehicle for the Gorgons, the heroic faction in the story. In the movie, only the Commando Elite (the military figures) created and used vehicles of this type. But Hasbro was never one to let molds go to waste - this tank is mostly reused from an old GI Joe Extreme vehicle, the Thunderin' Fury, that was never released.
A random lot of Small Soldiers I once had in my collection. These were the standard figures - great toys. Solid construction - you could give them to a kid and not worry about him breaking them. Now, as you can see above, there was a nice variety of figures released...
including this guy, the rare Battle Changin' Freakenstein. As was tradition, every good character had to have a refresh after a few waves. This guy snuck out right at the end of the line. I think he could turn into a motorcycle or something...the story on this guy in the film was that he was a completely different character named "Tragla Khan" (I'm not sure of the spelling) who was destroyed by the Commando Elite, and put back together by his Gorgon brothers...incorrectly, and with parts from a broken radio.
If you want to know how far we have come as a race, check out this pic. Man, old cameras had bad pixel quality! The above pic is probably from....2001-ish?
Why so many lots, you might be wondering. Small Soldiers is a line that I would get a temporary obsession with, buy a bunch, and then sell them off. I LOVE the concept, and the movie holds up pretty well - but I'm not 100% behind these toys.
One big reason - they never completed the line! There were two Commando Elite never produced - Butch Meathook and Link Static - with Kip Killigan a rare, rare find. You can kinda make him out in the pic above, maybe, if you know what he looks like.

As a collector, I look at the stuff that companies like Hot Toys are doing for Robocop, Predator, etc and I think "wow, those look awesome." but I can never pass that barrier into actually picking any up. Well, I now know what license I want them to tackle - Small Soldiers. Maybe it is time for the property to be done some full justice.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Roadblasters from Japan!

More from the archives. Who would have thought that Roadblasters made it to Japan? I think someone told me they were "Earth Defense Force" or something like that.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


This was my attempt at a photocomic way back when. Check it out!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A rare pic of me at Comic Con!

Thanks to whoever took this pic and posted it to a partner site. Visit everyone in my links, people! Hits mean citizenship!

That's me directly to the right, behind the creator of Cavey!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I wouldn't normally do this...

But hot damn! Adrienne Curry shows the world how Aeon Flux the movie SHOULD have looked.

Monday, August 8, 2011

A current shot of the Archives

Just something that caught my eye on my shelf, gave me a charge...I mean, we've been getting Glyos since SDCC 2007. Do you believe it? And here are your classic Pheydens, with some Infection figures in the foreground.

I still think back on the story of Phosis and Dark Scar and it still means something.
I think about the mystery of Rothan Pheyden. The tale of Bio Pheyden, the rarity of Plasma's all there.

Thanks bro.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My own...personal....kudos (like that song from the 80s)

Usually I don't give my other projects a push here on my fun blog, but it is a personal pleasure of mine to have something I'm working on featured on I've been reading it religiously since issue #68 (they just passed issue 300 recently), and now my film DEER CROSSING is part of the Fango legacy. Next goal - an article in the PRINT version.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

If Tarantulas can make a playset...

Mattel already made the Nibbler a vehicle.
Thanks to someone on the Glyos forum for pointing out how Nibbler-esque the face on this Imaginext toy is. The local Targets were blowing them out for ten bucks, so I said "what the hell." It's even motorized!

Mark this down as project number 1,483 that I will never complete: painting this thing in original Nibbler colors.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Evolution of the Robotic Lifeform on Planet Z.

Peeling back the layers of time on Planet Z/Zeton/Zero...

I think these guys look great together. My sole regret is not picking up the Mega-Scale Sparks when I was in Boston.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What does a Zeroid fight?

Seriously, look at the size of that box. Madness.

Unfortunately, they used a spring-action gimmick on this guy that didn't hold up, so I'll still be looking for a junker that I can customize to make more playable. But still fun!

Just Zogg and Zemo to go now.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Main Brain Glyos figure

My take on the Godbeast/Onell collab, Main Brain.
I saw it as this giant "Mother Brain"-type of monstrosity.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

After 30 years....


The OSM, Major Matt Mason, and Zeroids - together again for the first time!

Monday, August 1, 2011

SDCC 2011 Part Five- the final SDCC

"Enoof o' yuir life story, doc-tor! Gif deese people whut dey really want, twhatt!"
I must do as the Nibbler commands!

From his parapet inside the fishtank prison...

The Nibbler rules the Fishtank Castle!

It is hard to be judgmental on a piece of this prominence and trailblazing monumental stature in the Glyos universe. I mean, the first playset!

Just look at the Nibblers interacting! Even Vectar couldn't stay out of the picture!

The Fishtank Castle is a hefty piece of slush-molded rotocasted material. The damn thing is HEAVY. You could easily cave in someone's skull with this piece, or at least give them one hell of a headache.
The Castle itself consists of ten pieces - the main skull chamber in the center, the center parapet, two arms, and two parapets. Additionally, there are two torches, and two clips to hold the torches inside the main chamber. You could easily fit two RxH Nibblers in the center chamber, to give you an idea of the scale of this thing.
If you wanted to, you could actually leave the parapets and arms off the sides and give it a different look altogether.

The detailing is nice - there are some surprise sculpted details on the back of the castle that are fun. The eyes are separated pieces that are glued on to the piece, giving it a nice 3D feel.

So what is the downside to this excellent piece? Quality-wise, there isn't one. Price-wise, you might need to sit down.
To put things in perspective, the Medieval Nibbler you see in pics above was $75. Based on that, how much do you think the playset was?
The price for the playset at the con was $300. I was not comped one for this site - I bought it to support the artist and because I really wanted one.
It is completely worth it to me - the Castle has been featured in multiple Nibbler comics. I never thought we would get one.

Now, there was talk at the con that there might be a more substantial (the con edition size of the Castle being three pieces) run of these somewhere down the road. If you have interest in such a thing, drop the Tarantulas a line through his site.

Since I don't want to extend into a part six, and I'm in the middle of filming my new movie DEER CROSSING as you read this post, I want to wrap up the SDCC series here and now.
Due to many factors, 2011 will have been the last SDCC for me for the foreseeable future.
I want to say thanks to October Toys for their hospitality over the SDCCs that I attended. I surely could not have attended without your help.
To my brother Adam - will miss seeing you and Scarlett every summer, if only for a short few hours. Maybe I can see you when I go and visit Jade, lol. Keep buying those crazy Takara lines! Someday you'll write the book, I promise you.
I'll miss the various guest artists and friends who have wandered through the Onell booth over the last four shows. Great to meet so many forum members in person. NYCC is probably still in my future, so stop by there and say hello.
To everyone I didn't mention and the people who would just be name dropping for kudos - you all made the trips worthwhile.
To the margarita place at the Seaport Village - i will miss you most of all, scarecrow. My kidneys will not.
To the beach we went to that one time - sorry I lost my underwear somewhere in your sandy goodness, it is not everyday that you have to hide beer from cops under sand dunes.
To In and Out burger - plain means plain. What the fuck - I almost threw up on our UK buddies during that last cab ride because of your hidden pickles and terrible sauce.
To the HasbroToyShop booth itself, not the people, but the actual booth - fuck you. Fuck you so much.
It was mostly fun!
See you guys in NYCC!