Thursday, August 18, 2011

The absence of information leads to a void that only hatred can fill

To follow up on the post from Thursday this week, something that I didn't touch on was the overall cost of the MOTU subscription - or even just buying all of the figures in the subscription.

To those fans who want less than the 12 figures, beasts, and ephemera in the sub - FUCK YOU.
Here's my reasoning - you'll NEVER get what you want. It's a fact.
(it surprises me that I am as calm as I feel about this whole situation, as a person who once sold his entire G1 collection because of Beast Wars - "animals? The whole line? Fuck this shit!")
Do you know why, mystery fans of MOTU? Because you are too narrow minded.
I've had a life that some would deem extraordinary, even at 35 years of age.
An integral part of this life has been the ability to be open to new ideas. You know what rigid things do? They break when you attempt to bend them. Flexible things...bend.

With all due respect to the entity know as Tallstar on the boards, who I am unsure if I would dropkick, hug, or shake the hand of if I met this entity in person, I don't actually give two shits about the Star Sisters, poster deco, figure deco, imagination deco.
I'm unsure how this happened, but I am just HAPPY with whatever the fix is that Mattel decides to give us each month. i wish I could distill the funky measure that has gotten into my brains that just allows me to accept the monthly offering of MOTU Classics as "good enough".
Give me Bow. Give me Quakke. Give me Night Stalker, Faker, Demo-Man, whatever- it works for me.
Somehow they convinced me that whatever they sell in a box called MOTU every month is a MOTU figure. If only this could work for everyone out there...

Ah shit. Fuck that. I'm calling out Eric Treadaway right now. And Toy Guru. Where is my Lizorr? If he isn't made in 2012, I'm going to be a big baby and hold my breath until my vagina hurts.

Again, back to Glyos coverage in a day or so. And some special OSM stuff!


Charlie said...

Loving the .org discussion :-)

I think your point near the start of this post is critical - some people will simply never be happy, no matter what, in life, so a company just has to ignore them. Unfortunately those same people are often massively squeaky wheels, so it creates an incorrect impression of general dissatisfaction with the matter at hand.

John K. said...

Yeah, it is something that is just always in my face. I want to go somewhere to read a little bit about MOTU, maybe a review or two, and .org is the only place to go.
And it is beyond toxic, like putting one's face into the Ark of the Covenant.

I suppose I am lucky that I don't feel the 1000% solid connection that those fans seem to about...most things, really.

I suppose that my true lesson came from years of going to GiJoe conventions. I would ask the Joe Product Team Leader every year for a new Flash figure - he was my first Joe, and I just really wanted an update of him. And every year, it was "well, we'll see, DC has the name tied up..."
I learned that I'll get what they give us. So I try to only judge what they give us and not some fantasy land thing that would have been impossible, barring incredibly egregious errors in deco or articulation (I'm blanking on the Transformers Classic figure that was missing deco on the face, something minor that would have made it 100X better. Shows you how much it means to me, lol).

Now if Hot Toys gives me what I want and does Small Soldiers figures, I promise to be a total dickhead when reviewing them.