Monday, August 1, 2011

SDCC 2011 Part Five- the final SDCC

"Enoof o' yuir life story, doc-tor! Gif deese people whut dey really want, twhatt!"
I must do as the Nibbler commands!

From his parapet inside the fishtank prison...

The Nibbler rules the Fishtank Castle!

It is hard to be judgmental on a piece of this prominence and trailblazing monumental stature in the Glyos universe. I mean, the first playset!

Just look at the Nibblers interacting! Even Vectar couldn't stay out of the picture!

The Fishtank Castle is a hefty piece of slush-molded rotocasted material. The damn thing is HEAVY. You could easily cave in someone's skull with this piece, or at least give them one hell of a headache.
The Castle itself consists of ten pieces - the main skull chamber in the center, the center parapet, two arms, and two parapets. Additionally, there are two torches, and two clips to hold the torches inside the main chamber. You could easily fit two RxH Nibblers in the center chamber, to give you an idea of the scale of this thing.
If you wanted to, you could actually leave the parapets and arms off the sides and give it a different look altogether.

The detailing is nice - there are some surprise sculpted details on the back of the castle that are fun. The eyes are separated pieces that are glued on to the piece, giving it a nice 3D feel.

So what is the downside to this excellent piece? Quality-wise, there isn't one. Price-wise, you might need to sit down.
To put things in perspective, the Medieval Nibbler you see in pics above was $75. Based on that, how much do you think the playset was?
The price for the playset at the con was $300. I was not comped one for this site - I bought it to support the artist and because I really wanted one.
It is completely worth it to me - the Castle has been featured in multiple Nibbler comics. I never thought we would get one.

Now, there was talk at the con that there might be a more substantial (the con edition size of the Castle being three pieces) run of these somewhere down the road. If you have interest in such a thing, drop the Tarantulas a line through his site.

Since I don't want to extend into a part six, and I'm in the middle of filming my new movie DEER CROSSING as you read this post, I want to wrap up the SDCC series here and now.
Due to many factors, 2011 will have been the last SDCC for me for the foreseeable future.
I want to say thanks to October Toys for their hospitality over the SDCCs that I attended. I surely could not have attended without your help.
To my brother Adam - will miss seeing you and Scarlett every summer, if only for a short few hours. Maybe I can see you when I go and visit Jade, lol. Keep buying those crazy Takara lines! Someday you'll write the book, I promise you.
I'll miss the various guest artists and friends who have wandered through the Onell booth over the last four shows. Great to meet so many forum members in person. NYCC is probably still in my future, so stop by there and say hello.
To everyone I didn't mention and the people who would just be name dropping for kudos - you all made the trips worthwhile.
To the margarita place at the Seaport Village - i will miss you most of all, scarecrow. My kidneys will not.
To the beach we went to that one time - sorry I lost my underwear somewhere in your sandy goodness, it is not everyday that you have to hide beer from cops under sand dunes.
To In and Out burger - plain means plain. What the fuck - I almost threw up on our UK buddies during that last cab ride because of your hidden pickles and terrible sauce.
To the HasbroToyShop booth itself, not the people, but the actual booth - fuck you. Fuck you so much.
It was mostly fun!
See you guys in NYCC!

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