Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wah-wah, my meowsricus hurts

Go and get a vaccine against bullshit, then read this thread:
He-Man.org thinks we need less MOTU per year!

I want you to see the pattern.
The fans wanted more than 12 figures per year. So they got the variants.
Then they wanted more - so we got beasts.
Now for a one-time-only anniversary for 30 years of MOTU, they are hitting us with everything we could want in one year. TOO MUCH! scream the fans.
And the grand total for "what people have always wanted from MOTU"? Less than $1000, closer to $700.

C'mon people. Are you telling me that you can't sum up that type of cash for something you "have always wanted?"
It makes me laugh. Especially the one guy who said "I hope nothing else comes out in those months from any other toy line!" Where's your loyalty to He-Man, friend?

(I've reached a point where I don't know if my posts here are sarcasm or true. I'm on the Doughty sleep schedule until I have Ernie Hudson and Doug Bradley on film and out of my state)

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