Friday, July 31, 2009

What he does in eternity echoes through life.

Born into existence as a slave, the race memories of cosmic preservation lost through some random quirk of the Pheyden generation event, this Pheyden from the Rothan line was tortured for years in endless combat and training. Upon learning of his time and space warping abilities from a chance encounter with a inter-dimensional treasure hunter, he escaped his prisons and wiped out the entirety of the race that had held him prisoner for so long. He now travels from dimension to dimension, destroying all he considers evil.
Wearing armor forged from the bodies of DynaEdrallim over a prototype Phase-Suit, he is difficult to touch in battle - and even when a blow is landed, the hard-earned covering he wears protects him from most attacks.
Now known as Gladiator, he has come to the Glyos system in search of Exellis...and Gobon, for reasons known only to himself.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The universe is SCARRED

Throughout time and space, in all of existence, there exists Pheyden.

Why? What were the circumstances that brought this mysterious being to life?

Only one race knows, and the eternal quest of the Glyos system for those who ask why is to find them, even if none of those questing for the answer know the question.

One being that is looking for the answer is one who has been through a large amount of pain in his life. A Pheyden with no known abilities, not even the ability to travel through time and space. A Scar Pheyden.
His battles have been long, his left eye taken in battle, armor worn from years of searching and killing. Now, a lead earned through the destruction of a hidden Sincroid outpost takes Blue Scar to the planet Pyros, in search of the second Buildman:

The Second Buildman has been hidden away since hundreds of years prior, when Ranic Pheyden and the Buildmaster assembled the first Buildmen prototype. This was the second prototype, and he contains a unique chip, carried forward in no other Buildman before or since, that Blue Scar believes is the key to the question - why?

What Scar does not know is that his mission will soon intersect with two others...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SDCC in a nutshell!

Okay, this is going to be a quick post - time is short - so I reserve the right to come back and do some edits later.

SDCC is probably the largest convention in the US, perhaps even the world.
There is a massive amount of everything at this con - people, vendors, product, you name it.
As such, many exclusive items were available at SDCC.

My initial reason for traveling to the show in 2008 was Glyos, but along the way, much as it has become during any convention I attend, it becomes about seeing friends from other places, making new friends, and having a great time.
While here, I'd like to give shout outs, in no particular order, to Matt and Megan from Onell Design, Jesse from, Don "Datadub" from FigLab, Boris from, George and Ayleen from October Toys, Slick McFavorite and Mrs. McFavorite (next time we get those passes earlier!) from Open Your, Kel from, Sam and Mike, Bill, Mori from RealHead (warning: non-US language site), Ayoko, the Sucklord and Crimson Suicide from, Dan and Nadia from CollectionDX, Paul Kaiju, my man Adam and his woman Scarlett, the whole crew at Kaiju Big Battel (great show!), Anna Maria, and anyone else I forgot to mention in the haze of trying to remember everybody without notes.
YOU are what makes these conventions worthwhile, nothing else, and I treasure my friendships (such as they are) with each of you.

But you don't want to hear a travelogue (well, one person might - you know who you are) - you want to see some toys!

First up, the non-Glyos items:
Transformers! I had no need for the SDCC Soundwave- already have him and a nice set of all the cassettes - but I chose to fill in a few blanks. I got the Henkei Dinobot on the left (nice paint job compared to the US), the Alternity Megatron on the right (nice figure, but pricey for the size), and the Gears of War set (the chrome weapons you see on the Classic TF in the pic, and the Mirage Energon invisibility box! Never knew I wanted one this bad, but it is really nice). I also would have picked up the Superion add-on set if I had more funds available, but it was not to be.

Jason Vorhees! From the final Mezco assortment, which is a shame. I really liked their take on New Line Horror.

Also, Z.O.M.B.I.E.S! Like the classic green army men and MUSCLES, these small, highly-detailed figures are ready to take over your mini-figure shelves! Take a trip over to and pick up some today - tell them the Doc sent you.
(please note: telling them the Doc sent you will not get you a discount, but you will get cool toys).

Chaos! From excellent designer and Fan of Pheyden RealHead, this monsterous vegetation creature is ready to sample his enemies with his probe and steal their power! Only the forces of good can stop him.

And now, the Glyos and Glyos-related:
By now, everyone has seen the post over on about the problems with the merchandise arriving in time for SDCC. These were the six Buildmen that made it to SDCC, and were available in limited quantities. However, they should be available for sale in the next week or so in the official Onell store.
Oooh! Who are these guys?

At times, you will see pics from SDCC of colorways that do not match any other figure. This is due to a number of factors, all of which lead to variant one-off colorways. I like 'em.
Psst: you can make these yourself if you really want to.

Suckadelic releases! First in line, the Glyos-compatible Galactic Chisler. The Sucklord has finally gained corporeal form in the Glyos system, and is starting to pull down mad cash from all the sucker Sincroids.

Non-Glyos releases were Frankie Goes to Hyperspace and the Green Gremlin. Awesome stuff - I love the classic spacesuit design used here with the chosen heads.

Armodocs at last! Two colorways were available, at a price of $25 each. They should also be coming up for sale very soon on the Onell site.
Solid, solid figures. They were only available in limited quantities at the show, but once a full run is available, I am going to get a nice amount of them and build something huge. Onell showed one possible creation at the con using these guys, a giant spider that I forgot to get a pic of. Check out Plastic and for pics.

SDCC was big for the first 100% brand-new release from the Glyos-compatible Rawshark Studios/ company - Callgrim himself and the Order! The story between these two is yet to be revealed, but the enclosed art cards will give some ideas once you have them in hand. Callgrim and the Order should be up for sale in the next few weeks at
This figure is amazing! I did a previous post on it last week - so many possibilities...

NOTE: as far as this and the rest of the items go, I am still determining where they go on the checklist. I am also going to let the pics speak for themselves other than the most basic description. A lot of artists had Glyos-based pieces this year.


CLOPOS (Matt Walker version, of a Triclops design)

Monsterhero figures (this is all of the different ones, AFAIK)

KiLL figures (there were a few more designs than this)

BIRTH OF THE DEMON (Matt Walker X Onell)

And that was SDCC! I am completely burnt out - I need a vacation.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The ultimate weapon of the Grathan Corps revealed...

The development of the Infiltrator Buildman delayed by the intervention of a hated Pheyden, the lead Granthan Sincroid takes a different approach to his engine of destruction. With the main chips from a third revision of the Infiltrator software and the raw materials of dozens of his potential soldiers, the Granthan has his workforce assemble a towering monstrosity to subjugate planets with shock and awe...the I2.
Covered in Eidrallim armor, the I2 walks across landscapes, destroying everything in the path of its cycloptic eye with double-punch cannons.

The I2 is held upright by a unique stabilizing system. The front legs are decoys - rigid structures that are to draw the attention of an attacking enemy. The true support for this machine lay in the back legs - gyroscopic pivots that allow the machine to move in a manner similar to a snake if the front legs are destroyed. The back legs can also be used as melee weapons, whipping around the I2 and smashing into opponents.

If the Granthan wants to have greater control over his machine, the back of the head contains rudimentary controls that a Sincroid can use to move the machine.

As yet, it has no known vulnerabilities.

Back from SDCC!

The short of it: it was fun, there was much Glyos to be had, I am kind of ill so I will be posting something this week, but perhaps not today. We shall see.

In the meantime, one of my pre-prepared posts to follow. This one is a doozy...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Leaving in a few short hours for SDCC. My brain is mushy from, as they would say in the grindhouse days - BACK TO BACK TO BACK finals for college classes. It should be a fun, sleep-filled plane ride - I think I am going to just stay awake the extra five hours or so (since I woke up 7:30 am on Monday, that would make 24 hours!) and crash on the plane.

And since I promised a few dozen posts ago...

Who is this mysterious fellow? The question has been raised recently about the hand-cast Glyos figures that were the precursor to the "made-in-overseas" versions we are all enjoying.
This is one of the original hand-cast ones. Not from my collection, although, as someone guessed, I do have one to share with you on an upcoming rainy day.
The green color on this never went to production. I have held it, and it feels very similar and solid to the production versions.

If I can, I will post an update from SDCC, but do not get your hopes up. 'Net access was very limited for me last year.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is this...the Grail?

One of them, yes. Took years.

The funny thing? Almost bought 2 of them at the same time.

There will be at least one more update before Wednesday, talking about my other two mystery pictures. School is killing me - need to knock out three finals before I leave.

Friday, July 17, 2009

So, this is not the Grail...

But it is interesting.


So basically, I'm showing you a "test shot" of the figure from an early stage where the figure is completely sculpted, but all of the fit functions have not been completely worked out. So, enjoy some pics of what you can build with Callgrim, and some alternate looks for him.

One note: I like some looks for my weapons and such that have a very unfinished look, so many of the guns have utilized this technique of building. You also know that I am all about raw pics, so all of these are in my "photo studio" - i.e. my computer desk.

With a friend.

Someone made a hand out of a Callgrim waist. Never trust a Jqantra Buildman.

And an AK-47-style gun.

With my favorite - a Black Hole-style blaster.

And a...gun of some kind.

And a flame-thrower with a skull-head grenade launcher underneath.

How does he look after working out? Callgrim is BUFF.

Creeping up on Buildman...a Skull Crawler.

Whoops! Looks like someone got beheaded and replaced with a Skull Trooper (dunno the actual name of this head/backpack, but we should soon!). With another gun.

With a big scythe.

The other alternate head, with a short and sweet hand gun of death.

Carry a big gun and...kill everything.

Wielding a GrimDrill.
Another strange gun.

Pieces of Callgrim. Lots of pieces.

You can make shorter versions by taking out the middle arm and leg pieces. Like so.

Tallgrim contemplates rebuilding his white Buildman friend.

From another angle. Tall!

Friends again...until the next time...

Callgrim is coming soon to the Glyos system.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

On the verge of SDCC...

is the holy grail (a term that those who know me know I do not throw around lightly) this:

or this:

or this:

or this?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Custom Glyos #43-44-45 - the Ship

On the ship Arquaod, an alien stalks the crew...

Through a series of bad decisions, the crew is rendered to two members:
Alran and Buster. On a ship full of warriors, the creature has feasted well, its Villser claws absorbing the tough Glyans with little effort.

Alran is a strategist, although his rank was not high enough to convince the captain to abandon ship. He wears Smasher gloves from a fallen friend, with a basic Metran exo-suit.
His friend, Buster, is a mechanic. The basic plan is to grab a scout ship and call in the cavalry on the Arquaod.

On a lower deck of the ship, time and space begin to fold in, revealing:

A new Pheyden. His cosmic awareness snaps into focus, and he moves to the location of the Villser, to save these two Metrans who the universe has decided need to live.

Pheyden succeeds in dispatching the Villser, but at the cost of one of his hands and a leg. He shows no bitterness, knowing that it is part of the grand plan of time and space. The Metrans take him to a planet where he can heal. Arquaod Pheyden, as he names himself, waits there for a sign of what he is to do next...

Custom Glyos #42 - NULL GOVUROM

Just in case someone actually cares, the Callgrim-related "Black Hole" characters are entry #41.

What do we know about Govurom?
- he is a fusion of a Pheyden and a Sincroid
- he has battled the Lost Sincroid Army, Granthan Corps, and Infiltrator Buildman in the past
- he has a thing for dramatic anime-style capes.

Somewhere along his timeline, Govurom is subject to a horrific accident. While attempting to steal the treasure of Baltus-IC, he is thrown into a transmat machine. What emerges becomes known as Null, his touch able to invert matter.
Within three months, the planet Baltus-IC is a dead world with only one inhabitant - Null.
From a wrecked building on the planet, a transmat device activates. A green-headed Govurom pops up on the transmat pat, his face showing confusion. He looks at the piles of dust around him, wondering where the inhabitants of this planet are. He wanders out of the building, looking at a setting sun...

Glyos Custom #40 - Darkness Exellis

As there was a universe accessible through a black hole where the only hero was Exellis, thus too was this Exellis created in the main Glyos universe.

Based on a never-used Sincroid design and activated by "Classified Sarvos", Darkness Exellis travels throughout the Glyos system, able to slip from planet to planet through shadows. Not actively evil, he struggles with his original Sincroid programming against a diabolical shell program placed inside his brain.

Custom Glyos #39 - the Golden Armor

Pheyden employs a number of different specialized suits in his missions across the Edge of Space...

The Golden Armor was found after Pheyden had been fused with Exellis. Upon donning it, Pheyden felt his limbs transform from machine to flesh, a new power flooding his body. The armor dropped from him, restoring him to his original mind and body.

Who had built the armor? The answer would time...