Custom Glyos #42 - NULL GOVUROM

Just in case someone actually cares, the Callgrim-related "Black Hole" characters are entry #41.

What do we know about Govurom?
- he is a fusion of a Pheyden and a Sincroid
- he has battled the Lost Sincroid Army, Granthan Corps, and Infiltrator Buildman in the past
- he has a thing for dramatic anime-style capes.

Somewhere along his timeline, Govurom is subject to a horrific accident. While attempting to steal the treasure of Baltus-IC, he is thrown into a transmat machine. What emerges becomes known as Null, his touch able to invert matter.
Within three months, the planet Baltus-IC is a dead world with only one inhabitant - Null.
From a wrecked building on the planet, a transmat device activates. A green-headed Govurom pops up on the transmat pat, his face showing confusion. He looks at the piles of dust around him, wondering where the inhabitants of this planet are. He wanders out of the building, looking at a setting sun...


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