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The history of Callgrim (in my world)

But first, since it has already been seen - POWERED RIG!
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With that semi-blatant plug out of the way...
I've had Callgrim on the brain due to the new drop over on last week (many great designs still available!), so I worked out his story in my Glyos universe...

The history of the entity known as Callgrim has been shrouded in mystery. What is he? Human? Robot? Something more? Something less?
Limited information has come out about him - a past on the planet Issaris, where he met Gear and Blue Eyes...and the Dusk.
Something even further back...the First Order.
More recent than that - a friendship with Dark Scar, and knowledge of Ayosire.

But those are tales yet to be told. My history of Callgrim starts when he first escapes Issaris.

From left to right - Callgrim, Grim Squad Member Callgrim, Heroic Callgrim.

Callgrim escaped Issaris, leaving behind the dark memories of what had happened there. In space, with his upgraded body, he hoped to find some answers about his early days, before the time that he woke up on Issaris, when his body was still flesh and blood and not the semi-mechanical mess it had become.

Adventure and problems seemed to meet Callgrim at every turn. Eventually, he was forced into a corner, his destruction seemingly assured...but a deal was cut with the mercenary group known as the Grim Squad. His body coloring was changed to match the rest of the Squad, loyalty to the bone and blue being the top tenet of the group.
Callgrim served their leader, a strange-skull headed creature, loyally for a number of years, until he was allowed to leave the group. Callgrim changed his coloring again, striking out as a force for good.
He journeyed across the Glyos system, encountering a rogue bunch of red Sarvos, and investigating their plans.
It was during this investigation that Callgrim was killed.

But there was one important adventure that must be related of Callgrim from before his death - the Lorcos Rebellion. It was during this adventure that he met a Scar Pheyden with a dark complexion. This Pheyden had a great thirst for knowledge of the Glyos system and how it had come to be. Callgrim had one answer for him, a secret that his "creator" on Issaris had told him he must pass along to the first Traveler that asked him: Ayosire.
During the rebellion, Callgrim changed his colors to a bright red in protest of the Lorassic Guard and their treatment of the Lorcans.

Flash-forward to after his death. Callgrim awakens, and feels violated. He is alive again, but something is wrong. An intergalactic hustler has resurrected him and implanted tech in him to make him do the hustler's wishes. Callgrim embarks on a path of destruction.
In Spectre mode, Callgrim can phase through solid objects and project horrific energy blasts - but a side-effect of using this power makes his form blinding to look at, meaning the atrocities he carries out during this time cannot be properly attributed to him.

Left to right - Stealth Callgrim V1, Rebirth Callgrim, Centurion Callgrim

A Stealth mode is activated in Callgrim, allowing him complete invisibility. This power is good, in that he can carry out assassinations without worry of being discovered.
However, he continues to have his original mind, and his anger grows at being used by the hustler.
Callgrim is carrying out what should be a simple mission in his stealth mode when he comes across an opponent who can see him. An opponent who possesses power over the mechanics of reality, allowing him to reshape matter at his will. Facing that being in battle, Callgrim rebels against his programming, and allows himself to be destroyed down to a near-microscopic level.

This should be the end of Callgrim, but something bizarre happens. Something unexpected to Callgrim himself. He finds that his mind exists, without form. He exists in this state for some time. The confrontation had occurred in a lab, partially destroyed by the battle with the energy-manipulating being. Over time, the Glyan humanoids rebuilt the lab, bringing in some energy-generating equipment. When they turned it on, Callgrim felt himself being rebuilt - a resurrection, again. His body rebuilt itself, in a misshapen configuration, but one that returned him to life. Weak, he escaped from the lab, the control formerly held over him gone.

Callgrim vowed that he would never be controlled again. He escaped the planet with the lab, trying to think of his next move. Scanning the Glyan Technews, his attention was caught by a mysterious raid on a manufacturing planet. The markings were unmistakable - the Order had hit the planet. Which should have been impossible - the Order were long dead. But perhaps they could be the key to his ultimate goal of controlling his own destiny...

Callgrim looked at the Order firing upon him, and the body bank constructing new robotic Order member bodies. His current body was a joke - it would never make it past the Warp Blasters the Order wielded. It was mere feet to get his body into the machinery that would rip his body apart and rebuild him into an Order body (as a temporary measure). Inspiration hit him; Callgrim tore off his own blackened head and threw it into the machinery.
What emerged was the Centurion Callgrim.

Left to right: Nemica Storm Callgrim, Solaris Callgrim, Lorcos Disguise Callgrim

Callgrim journeyed to forbidden planet Nemica, exploring the frozen giants there in a quest to find out why the planet was frozen in time. His body required a temporary adjustment that allowed his molecules to become unstable, allowing him to move on the surface without being frozen.

A secret colony on the Metran sun? Callgrim upgraded his body to Solaris specs, allowing his body to take the intense heat.

A loose end from the Lorcos Rebellion required that Callgrim travel back to the planet. After so many years of fighting, this mission would require stealth. Disguising himself as a Lorcan, Callgrim discovered a conspiracy that would have destroyed Capital Planet Metran.

Left to right: Grim Squad Commander Callgrim, Sentry Callgrim, Redlaw Callgrim

Callgrim realized that it would take more than himself to defeat the secret enemy he had discovered on planet Nemica. So he restarted the Grim Squad. He would fill his ranks with the bodies of his enemies, giving him an expendable army of warriors.

Callgrim wanted to get his revenge on the sinister Traveler that had caused his death many years before, so he upgraded to armor specific to breaching...a black hole.
Inside, he discovered a Redlaw clone who wanted to destroy Callgrim and take over his body.

Left to right: Master Callgrim, Metran Callgrim, Rawtwanja Callgrim

Callgrim returned from the black hole, determined to avoid the fate of the Apokalipse Callgrim. He upgraded his armor to be even more impossible to destroy.

Callgrim later found himself working for planet Metran after a drastic miscalculation by the Grim Squad in destroying a starship full of Glyans.

Callgrim prepares himself for a journey to an alternate plane of existence with the great science of planet Metran.

Using a new Stealth mode, Callgrim fakes his own death to escape from planet Metran.

In a confrontation with General Phanost, Callgrim wears his Dominus Armor, and fights Altervoth Callgrim, an energy clone of himself.

The ultimate destruction of Altervoth Callgrim requires Callgrim to access a level of power never before achieved, causing him to grow in size and strength.
Helios Callgrim - little is known about this section of Callgrim's existence.
Ultrasteel Callgrim's story is, sadly, classified.

Left to right: Regal Dominus Callgrim, Megaran Defence Callgrim, Legacy Callgrim

Callgrim later adopted the Dominus armor as his standard look, with some slight modifications to make it more regal.

Defending planet Megara against the assault of the Sixth Order was difficult, requiring the use of one of the planet's artifacts, giving Callgrim additional powers.

Callgrim accepted what he thought he would be a normal assignment, and was transformed forevermore.
The job was simple - retrieve the remains of one of the first-ever Sincroids that had been built, and was being exhibited on one of the planets closest to the Edge of Space. Security was tight, but Callgrim had spent years perfecting his skills. He infiltrated the museum, bypassed the security measures, and grabbed the Sincroid head.
If it had specifically been a trap for him, Callgrim could not say. Or if it were a trap at all. He supposed that benevolent entities could have left a powerful artifact around the universe, just in case someone stumbled across it. In that moment, he was no longer Callgrim - he was the universe, mind expanded across the galaxy and cosmos and everything - except the Edge of Space. It hung before him, taunting. He saw it as it was - a blast of light in space, energy bleeding from elsewhere/elsewhen - and then he saw it differently. Something was inside the ribbon of power, watching him through a visored face, head the size of an asteroid. Flashes hit him - the man he called Father; a Delphi; Travelers and Sarvos. They lingered the longest, the Traveler white and the Sarvos black, their colors bleeding into each other and shifting to yellow and blue.
But even more quickly - his entire history was revealed to him, from birth until now. He REMEMBERED.

Callgrim returned to reality. His body had changed to a transparent purple, lines of power pulsing through his body. "Glyaxia Command", he growled. The vision had given him a clue. Now he had to figure out how to go to war with a war machine that had planet crushers at their disposal, and time fusion gates. But he had his memory now. His first stop would be Norisar Command...and then Glyaxia would tell him what lay beyond the Edge of Space.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Renegades and OSM!

Got a bunch of stuff together over the Christmas break...

Here is the Glyaxia Command Order member, a random Sucklorian, and a creation using one of Spy Monkey's fantastic heads.

I posted one take of this pic over on the Glyos forums, but for scale purposes, here is an original Rechlen with his bigger production brothers. And Golden Pharaoh, a gift from my Bro for X-Mas. Thanks Bro!
Here are the OSM in the old Gi Joe Defiant Booster shuttle piece. They look perfect in it.

WHAT IF? Palisades had the contract for OSM?
Kidding aside, I love the variants, and because of the Horsemen's suggestion, I put my Alpha, Beta, and Holiday waves on cards to see how they would look. They look great!

Next, we move on to the Renegades. There was a recent Custom Corps of the Gendrone Renegades, and my figures were delayed for a number of reasons, so I only got them last week with the NEW Axis Joint/Govurom wave. So I made my own!
First up, we have an original configuration of mine with a metal Renegade head; one of the first custom versions of Protobon/the Renegades; and a screwy original combo of my own design, with Axis Joints.

And more versions.
My take on the "hard light hologram" body figures.

The "test shot" brigade. These guys were original Gobon test-shots...but fully functional. So, with some Phase Arm bits, they become Renegades!
Onto the big guys...I wanted to make some really crazy Renegades. Part of the ongoing storyline is that the Gobons hate the Gendrone Buildmen, partially for replacing them. So many of the Renegades make Buildmen into their weaponry.
I took this concept in a slightly different direction. The Order have some mechanical members in the universe, so this Renegade adapted Order tech into his modified body. Part of the Renegade philosophy is to evolve beyond their original limitations. Hence, this new, more powerful body.

The above Renegade had a similar idea. Using Order tech and parts from a fellow dead Gendrone, he has upgraded into a wheeled configuration. He also carries a triple Phase Blaster.
And the high commander of the Renegades. He rarely goes out into battle anymore, but has reconfigured himself for maximum amounts of power consumption.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of the readers, Glyos fans, and other people out there.

Today, I'm featuring some (very old, as you can tell by pixel quality) pics of my former Microman and Micronauts collection. As you can probably guess, I didn't half-ass the line of Reissues from Takara...I had nearly all of them when I quit and sold the line off for some quick cash.

Here was my Inhumanoids collection. I love the concept and the designs, but the toys are not great. Hopefully if they return to toy shelves around 2013 or so, the actual toys can be better made.
And here is a fun pic from the archives - on the rug at the condo I used to live in!
The ARMY of Bugs from Rocks and Bugs and Things I had at one point. I have many less now, but it was fun to have a massive army of them at one point.

Here's to a fun 2011.