Monday, January 14, 2013

Zibits Battle Fortress

With action figure collecting at retail being where it is (i.e. not very interesting to me), and my own impending descent into creating action figures rapidly upon us, I haven't been collecting many new things at retail.
One line that I almost completely ignored was Zibits. Little R/C robots with constructable playsets, the pricepoint was just a little higher than I wanted when they debuted a couple of years back.
Now, with deluxe Transformers at EIGHTEEN DOLLARS AND FORTY NINE CENTS, ten bucks for a little robotic guy you can control isn't too bad!

Above, check out one of the second series items which didn't see full distribution in the US, the Battle Fortress. Senario, the company behind Zibits, tried to give kids a classic action figure line; the robots all have a bio-card and personalities. There's a good amount of color used across the range, and it has a good amount of play value involved.
But what I want to bring up is specifically modern playsets. Phil Reed has recently been talking about playsets over on, and here with Zibits, we can see what modern playsets amount to.

What Zibits tried to do was give you a constructable system of ramps and bits so that you could create your own world for the characters to interact. What it winds up as is a bunch of ramps and pieces of cardboard.
Is this what we want in playsets? Or something different overall?

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