Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm just doing a quick pictorial tour right now. I will be following this up with a detailed description of the con and the Glyos stuff soon.

Oooh, a groovy mystery! These were in the case on Sunday. I really don't see that armor as Panthor armor, but who knows, really? It was sizable against the Weapons Rack and The Goddess. I should have sat on the floor and took an underside pic. Someone probably already did so.

The end of the universe: a sign that says Shogun Warriors with a picture of Voltron, but called Golion.
Note to idiots: the King Hiss/Hsss shown here is not a production version. He is basically a statue of the work in progress. So calm the fuck down, seriously. KH is one of my top characters of all time. Bendy will be enough for this character. You will be able to make his jaw move, from what others were being told around me. I love that they did not skimp. He is both versions, equally strong for the first time.
And this is a perfect sub exclusive. Would a fan who picks and chooses want this? Not on your life. But it makes perfect sense for a collector who would get a figure of that guy from that one panel of that one comic that one time.
Who you gonna call?
Okay, so this was one of the most controversial things for me at this con. They want to take the best figures of our childhoods, make them 12 inches, and sell them for near $100 a pop - on giant cards? And they are making THIS many characters? We are through the looking glass, people. If this line is a hit and five cons from now I am hearing complaints that "when are they going to make 12 inch Max Rebo?", I quit.

In the Mattel panel, the lighting in the room was too high, so we couldn't get good pics until the group I was with grabbed Fangirl 2.0 and told her to dim the lights. You're welcome.
However, in the pic you can see someone's camera-on-a-stick clear as day. Exclusive!

The new Tron figures are so awesome, you can't even take a picture of them.

Ghostbusters figure display! Look for a petition to have this as a playset to start next week.
Charlie, please do not collect these.
But get a B'wana Beast! No word on Gentleman Ghost, of course.
Meet the new Optimus Prime.
Symbiotech con Glyos?
Some new Marvel figures. I buy one out of every 100 figures. I think my next one may be Captain Marvel.
For the three fans of this line - the new product!
Awesome Marvel display. It would only have cost you $2250 for the figures in the display if you bought them at the con from the "dealers".
The test shots and SDCC exclusive wave of the Outer Space Men. To the guy who said they were articulated like Kenner figures - yes, and? As I said to many people at the con this year, "100 points of articulation are no good if the ankles don't #(%(#%$* work!"
The new Battle Ram. I like it. Nicely detailed. My only wish would be that the back section had a door on the back that allowed a figure to sit inside. It has nothing to do with the original, just something that would add more play value if there is no firing mechanism on the new one.
(please note: this is not an official confirmed vehicle, just what the Horsemen might do on a Battle Ram)
The best Slave Leia I saw personally. But supposedly there were better ones.
It is a blade of death and an Ipod dock. Childhood dies just a little bit more each year.
Display for the new Alien Blu-Ray box set. Nothing like hyper-violence right across from the Hasbro booth.
While everyone else was getting pics of the slideshow, I took a sneak pic of this famous internet personality. Hint: he has facial hair.

Some of the great new He-Man figures for next year.
Self-portrait from a camera misfire. I need to upgrade to this decade in camera technology.
The October Toys booth, as seen by the Flash.
The end of the con is a lonely place. No more gamers standing in a fake ring playing Marvel VS Capcom. All of those unsold Bionic Commando lunchboxes heading back to the warehouse from whence they came...
The Glyos Crossover Global Booth of International Wonderment, in a non-busy moment.
The Shadowbeast from MOTU. Psst: he is not a Gorilla Grodd retool/pantograph. Quick question for the smart kids in the room: how many different ways can you sculpt GORILLA anatomy?
Enter the Twilight Zone. If I loved MEGO figures, I would have all of these. But I don't. So I will get just a few.
Awesome cool whatsits from the DKE booth. Should have asked the price.
A long shot of the Battle Ram
Tools of the trade.
A close-up of some Twilight Zone figures.
The paint masters for Waves 1 and 2 of the OSM, and protos for wave 3. Keep the sellouts going, people. We need to get everyone made in this line - no stragglers this time!
Hey Hasbro, thanks for not bringing ANYTHING that was shown in the Botcon presentation to SDCC. I'll just have to imagine how cool the new Jazz is.
A bag of Glyos goodness.

I went to SDCC this year and all I got was an enchanted hammer.

One of my bros Robby M. loves the fact that we are finally getting Roboto in the MOTU Classics line.

Before the madness of the con is fully underway, unpacking begins! And I snap a pic unexpectedly.
The con is over, and Jesse is telling me something. I snap his picture without him expecting it. Which was a trend, actually.
A bunch of Mattel MEGO styled Superheroes. One has special significance for me - but NDA and all!


Monsterforge said...

Some thoughts:

I don't see that head armor as Panthor's either. Maybe we'll be seeing something new? Who knows... as long as Mattel is able to milk money out of MOTU fans they will.

I'm liking the Mini-Muggs! Needs me a Fett!

I dig that King Hiss. Haters gonna hate.

Is that character with the tunic the disguised He-Man from Powers of Greyskull book? That's insane!

Those big Vintage Star Wars figures infuriate me. There's no way in the world those things are worth close to 100 bucks. I'm sorry, but they just aren't. I don't even know if they're worth 50.

Any word on how much the big Galactus is going to be when it hits retail?

Is that a Conan MOTUC figure next to Bow, or are they making a figure of the original He-Man concept sketch? Either way, that thing looks awesome!

The OSM look a LOT better with paint apps. They look a million times better with Glyos parts stuck on them.

Matt has an intense stare. Kinda scary.

A Darkseid Mego? Oh, yes.

Thanks for all the great pics, man... looks like you had a LOT of fun!

John K. said...

Did you recognize the Disguise He-Man from memory? I had to think about it for a sec when I saw the slide onscreen.

The Galactus is supposed to be about $50 at retail.

The Conan-looking MOTU is Vikor. Instead of it being "Barbarian Variation He-Man", they have incorporated concept art as new characters.

The con was interesting this year. Still processing everything.

Monsterforge said...

Yeah, man... I've been a MOTU fan since I got Mer-Man back before there was a cartoon or a regular comic book. I saw them on the shelf and went nuts. Seeing that disguised He-Man made me chuckle-- they're really reaching for character ideas! I'd have expected that later on down the line, but I guess they're trying to work in the ancient Eternian stuff early. I still remember scratching my head when the very few Powers of Greyskull stuff was coming out at the end of the line. The only place near me that carried MOTU stuff was a store called TG&Y, and they made a big deal out of those cyborg dinosaurs. I guess maybe they saw the writing on the wall and wanted to sell it all before the line went tits-up. It's a pity... I would have loved to have seen where things were going to go with that-- it was like the line was starting to go back to what made it fascinating in the first place.

Vikor, huh? Yeah... he's Conan to me. :D

Ghost Target said...

What exactly was in the Glyos bag ?

John K. said...

@GT: those were the Glyos figures I bagged. Just a bunch of Buildstation Buildmen.

@Monsterforge: I had that Powers of Greyskull comic too, but I had long forgotten that He-variant. I'd love to have those dinosaurs again...sold them a couple years ago.
If the Mattel catalog is to be believed, the focus would have been on Preternia. Would He-Man have gone back in time and learned a bunch of stuff, or would it have been a Bionicle-esque prequel? No one knows yet. but if you want some real fun, check out Gigantisaur:
It would have been massive.

Monsterforge said...

Yeah, dude... I LOVE that big, ugly beast! I got heavily involved in the "Bring Back He-Man" movement in the early 90's... it wasn't until then that a lot of us got to see all the stuff that Mattel had planned. I would have LOVED to have seen Preternia in all its glory. I guess we get to see it now with the MOTUC stuff-- if Mattel doesn't annoy all of their customers before then.