Sunday, January 27, 2013


One of the lines that I have been quietly collecting here and there as they have been released is KREO.

What I find fun about them is a number of things.
One, Lego Transformers. Many of us have wanted those for years!
The quality is pretty good, outside of some issues with stress on plastic when you plug things into the hand holes.
Two, it's a new expression of Transformers that I enjoy.
Hasbro has tried a number of different things over the years to get more money out of us - Bot Shots, Robot Heroes, etc. And for me, none of them have really worked. I might buy a pack or two, but it never sticks with me. These little guys work in a way that the other things have not.
You get a fully-functional action figure in a small scale, along with (up until recently) a Lego vehicle you could build for your Kreon TF to ride around in.
This made me think about a story - why would Optimus come with a giant truck version of himself?
In this TF Universe, in my mind, the Transformers CAN'T transform at first. They are human-sized robots who come to the planet Earth and have their war. But it is a much less serious war, as you might expect in a Lego-esque universe. The lasers just kinda push people around, not really hurt them.
Each year of product is like a season of a KREO LEGO TV show. In year one, they come to Earth. In year two, Prime and Megatron need to rebuild after the battling, with Megatron discovering Dark Energon and creating Devastator. Late in the season, Scorpinok arrives, with his technology that allows Kreons to transform. In year three, we have Beast Hunting and more exploration of transforming. Just something fun that doesn't kill your wallet with releases. Hasbro even numbers their blind pack figures so you don't have to go nuts trying to find your favorite characters.

In the upcoming days, I'll be showing off a bunch of the blind packs and some KREO things.
Stay tuned!

The Prime and Megatron shown above are from the year two Prime VS Megatron pack, which also includes a KREO bank for them to fight over, and two buildable mech versions of themselves inspired by the Prime TV series. Fun stuff!

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