Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is The Masks the best Twilight Zone?

I think about things often. I think it is part of a nerdy existence to do this.
much of my mind is steeped in the past. Where others have experienced the things you see on this blog like Power Lords and RBT and let them go, I find that these things still live on in my mind. One aspect of my mind, shared by many, is the Twilight Zone.

For a few years now, my New Years celebration has been to sit down with my loved ones and watch the TZ marathon on the SyFy channel.
The old friends are back every year - Henry Bemis, the Venutian, the Invaders, the much-hated Bewitchin Pool...and these tales don't get old. They exist outside of time for me.

I remember, roughly between 5th grade and 7th grade, that local UHF station 17 - or perhaps 57 - announced the Zone was coming back.  Maybe I had seen it before that. I do not know. But I know I saw a lot of the episodes in that syndication run. Episodes such as The Dummy would forever be ingrained on my mental landscape. Could there be many worse fates than being trapped in the body of a dummy?

Over time, what you appreciate changes. "the thing on the wing of the plane" seems like thebest to a 10 year old. But one episode that has grown into a favorite - if not my favorite - over the years is "the Masks." An old man is dying, and his family os the worst group of gold diggers you can imagine. But he will make them pay for being dicks. Special Mati Gras masks change their features into horrific monstrosities, and being rich at that point will not help them.

The concept of revenge has fueled many different stories over the years. But as a thinker, my mind goes into what the story does not show. This old man, Jason, felt so mistreated by his family that he obtsined specisl masks that would forever scar them. It's quite tge lengthto go to.
Think about SAW. You have to really want to hurt someone to make a machine that ripscapart someone's jaw. The same applies to this tale of masks and revenge.
Biff Bang Pow decided to commemorate this episode with a figure in the classic Mego style, and I thank them for it.

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