Sunday, January 20, 2013

Been years since I picked up an Atari game...

But I found one today at a local "all eras game" store.
Polaris! This used to be in the top half of my want list.
But the internet helped kill Atari collecting for me...once you have access to the ROMS that comprise these games, what are you actually collecting? A plastic case with a sticker.

I still buy them here and there. Hard to beat the experience of the real joystick and a vintage crappy TV. I just don't find games to add to the collection at a reasonable price too often.

Thinking about going back to the store and picking up River Raid II and Guardian...

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Chris "Bah'glenn" Negri said...

I stumbled across a store like this last Monday called 'The Game Hut' and they had quite the selection of cool retro games. There's just something about old games that's very enjoyable, I guess the plastic case & sticker gives a more tactile effect to the game. They make it seem more real as you can hold it in your hand; can't really do that with a ROM file.