Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fun with Glyos!

 It's Glyos drop night! Now people finally can add an Armorvor to their collections...
while you wait for the new Passcode, enjoy some of my recent Glyos builds and set-ups.
The Stealth Dimension wave was  available in greater quantities than some recent waves, so I used that opportunity to get some extra Blocks for use in a base. Using the official Glyos storyline that the SDD tests designs for the Glyans, I mixed in a few things from recent waves to make it look like the testing facility it is supposed to be.
 Above, some better pics of my Granthan and Kabuto Mushi Neo builds, using many Callgrim and Spy Monkey parts (heads molded and sculpted by the Godbeast, Granthan an original Onell design).
Above, my Classified base, run by a rouge Sarvos and his main servant. They have captured the OMFG monsters and plan on exploring Zorennor more.


Cappy said...

1) I love the use of Spy Monkey's skulls on the Hubgraded Gobon. Mind if I copy the idea?
2) I wish you would build more big mechs, you do a good job of it. Of course, you being a TF guy from way back.
3) The chick with the big... sunglasses is Glyos compatible? What exactly is going on there?

John K. said...

Hey Cappy!

Use whatever you can! I like seeing people build with this stuff.

It comes down to time and parts when we talk about building the big guys. My parts bank is pretty low, at least for parts that are good for building.

"Boobalicious" is my beloved wife's custom figure. Maybe you'll see a production version someday...