Sunday, July 22, 2012

crackle "We've received a signal..."

The ZED Mobile Conversion Tank explores an alien landscape on Planet 4R7.
 "Something up ahead...."
 A Deep Space Glyan departs from the tank, leaving his Glyan compatriot inside. "Keep ready - might be trouble..."
 "We'll find the source of the signal for Glyaxia Command."
 "Wrecked technology. The beings here must have been smaller than us."
 "Probing the doors. They appear welded shut...from the inside."
 "Can't see anything inside. Going up top."
 "Air system appears shut down."

 "Trying the turret. I don't recognize this tech."
 "Looks like it leads inside. Can't fit with the pack - dropping it in first."

 "Dropped my gun...nothing living in here."

 "Been through this whole place...there's a sealed door. I think I can open it manually."

 "Door is open...going in. Going to use the Hub to illuminate..."

 "Oh no..."

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