Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Power Lords and Starcom plus Glyanaut Bowman

So, an update on Power Lords....

for the first time that I have ever seen, all four Beast Machines in one collection!
From left: Savor, Evol, WARBOT, and Thrash.

Yay internet.
With the recent boxes of Power Lords (yes, boxes) that I have received, I need only Tork the Turning Terror, the Power Patroller, and the Spyzor (as well as a few bits here and there - weapon set for Sydot, a cardback scan for Disguyzor, the bladder for Drrrench, a shield for Evol) to be completely done with this line.
Here are the heroes, in a moment of rest in front of...

A completely brand-spanking-new Volcan Rock! I needed to unbox one to complete it. Don't worry, the contents had previously been opened. I meticulously took a few hours on a Sunday of recent vintage assembling this monster. No broken parts going in - except the weapons rack on the door, which I fortunately had an extra of - and no broken parts after assembly.
The stickers were skunked, so I got some archival tape and took another couple hours restickying the stickers. They look great.

And here's the team inside the "battlestar", as the comic calls it.
Note: in the above pic, I have two of the same gun pictured. The set only came with one wall gun as shown on the left hand wall.
Also, you could try to get Savor through the revolving door, but you would probably break the door and/or Savor.

Now the bad guys...

Since the last pic I showed, I uncarded Loki, got a Trigore (green monster on the far left), and Warbot. Also, the gun for Drrrench and the gun for Raygoth.

In the storyline, Drrrench is not a part of the evil Extraterrestrial Alliance, and Bakatak might be, but probably not. I said this before, but Power Lords is one of the few lines where the bad guys greatly outnumber the heroes.

A close-up of Loki! Put out by Straco Toys, this was one of a series of four wind-up figures, but the only new character included.
I put him with the bad guys, even though he has no bio or anything, because of his name and the fact that everybody else is eeeeevvvvilllll.

However, Adam Power had little knowledge that another entity was examining his fortress...

My first Glyanaut build. It had to be orange.

Switching gears, these guys also arrived at my house last week.

STARCOM! The US Space Force. Screw the re-scaling of the Glyos universe. This is my "Old War".

And the bad guys from Starcom.
If you have any Starcom vehicles in nice, complete shape that are not pictured here and you want to trade for Glyos stuff, drop me a line.


WolverineBurger said...

Man that Power Lords collection is inspirational. Is there anything better than assembling a vintage playset/vehicle for the first time, or completing that figure you've had for years?

Charlie said...

An astonishing and inspirational job you've done on that Power Lords set, in such record time!


bruv your power lords collection is UNREAL!!!!!!! RESPECT!