Thursday, February 24, 2011

TOYPOCALYPSE COVERAGE. Preternia Rising. Shelves. New Dino Riders?

I am pretty busy the next few days, so here is a wealth of content to keep you occupied.

I have really been enjoying the Masters of the Universe Classics line from Mattel.

One of my favorite segments is Preternia - Eternia before the time of Skeletor and He-Man.
Mattel has done a great job filling in the blanks of this time period, which was barely touched upon in the original Masters line. You can see He-Ro, Tytus, King Greyskull, He-Man in a special disguise, and a number of King Greyskull's allies against the Horde and Snakemen.

Since it might take us five or six years to get the entire Horde, I filled them out using a basic idea: what if the DC Universe was destroyed in a great Disaster of some kind, and it bled over into the Masters universe? Since the Fourth World was supposed to exist outside of the normal DC Earth realm anyway, it was not much of a stretch to think of a storyline where Horde Supreme kicked Darkseid's ass and made his warriors serve under Hordak. Desaad is hiding out inside the Fright Zone, and Annihilus is the only Marvel Legend I have, so he joined the Horde too.

Toy Fair was last week, and I was lucky enough to go. As I work on my full coverage for October Toys, enjoy a tidbit here: Imaginext is doing "Dino Riders"!
Here is a shot of the reused Space Suit from the Space Theme. Now DINO-IZED!
(forgive my punny names for these guys - there was no indication of what the actual name of this Imaginext subsection will be)
Cyber Rex! Has motorized action. His head moves and he thrashes around. My personal guess was that the red guys were evil, green were good. The evil guys were evilly grinning as I took these pics...
Wait for it...Turbodactyl!
Gigantisaur! (this is pretty easy!)
Oh fudge.
Bionatops. Anylyotron? And how bout...Robo Raptor? I think that was a Lego set...Shreddatron? YEAH!

The Four Horsemen were subject to a retrospective that was held during Toy Fair. They were kind enough to bring some prototypes of upcoming figures...
OH YEAH! Alpha-7 and Electron+. Two members closer to the full OSM, which would complete a dream I have had since the early 90s. DAMN YOU TOMARTS!!!!!
And the revised sculpts for Commander Comet and Mystron. Looking good! It should be noted that the helmets aren't ready for these guys, and perhaps there will be a surprise or two included with some of these figures...
Rolling Thunder Prime! Not worth the $90. Plastic isn't right. The transformation is overly difficult - not challenging, but difficult in the way that I thought I was going to break the damn thing every two poorly-illustrated steps.

And to wrap it up - two random shelf pics showing some new acquisitions.
Cobra base from Starriors!
A Zeroid and his offspring? (pinky goes to mouth evilly)

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Seth said...

The starcom shadow bat thing was one of my favorites, and you've got a holy grail of mine, two parasite fighters and the rover to complete the set!

Envy beams away!