Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scarabus - the newest member of Gothtropolis

During the recent Toy Fair that was held in New York City, a retrospective was held celebrating the work of the Four Horsemen, preeminent toy sculptors and creators on lines from McFarlane, Mattel lines since Harry Potter, the rebirth of the Outer Space Men, and their own in-house properties such as the Seventh Kingdom and MAGMA Corps.

As part of the celebration, a preview release of their newest creation for Gothtropolis, SCARABUS, was available. Two versions were available -Light Talisman and Dark Talisman versions.
Today, I will be looking at the Light Talisman version.

The deco on this figure really pops. I get a nice Force Commander-vibe from the colors, but the sculpt couldn't be further from the stone-age Micronauts detailing.
Check out the detailing on this guy - you need to have this figure in your collection!
Scarabus has a long and detailed story that is quite interesting to read, and that you can check out for yourself by buying the figure at Store Horsemen! Pick up Dark Talisman version while there also!
Did you think I would spoil the story?

One aspect I didn't get into with the pics is the multitude of options for making Scarabus unique, even if you have a couple of versions of him. The face is interchangeable, giving you more (or less) demonic-looking options. He has a few battle options - a staff with multiple attachments, or conjured fire that fits over his hands perfectly. He also includes swappable hands to hold the staff or to have more threatening fists. He is well articulated, as you would expect from the Horsemen, and still holding a nice pose after a bunch of play.

Check out the official site of the Horsemen for more product shots and information on other versions of Scarabus - and his minions - coming soon. And while you are checking out the store for Scarabus, why not pick up a set of the Outer Space Men? The Infinity Versions are available now, and make a great compliment to your Glyos (or 3 3/4) action figure collection.

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Iok said...

I've been watching the development of this toy keenly - it looks superb.