Sunday, February 6, 2011

New fun!

One of the most dangerous things about talking to Matt Doughty, the master of the Glyos universe, is that he gets you thinking about things that you never collected, and helps you to see the patterns between different items.

One line I never collected as a kid - or previously - is Starcom.
In general, I don't remember seeing them for sale much, but as they hit during the prime years of Gi Joe, Transformers, Super Powers, etc, they had an uphill battle to get attention. I think that only one friend of mine had any, and then, it might only have been one or two pieces.
Who's driving that vehicle?

The storyline has something to do with the Earth, a war that takes place in space or something (I'm just starting to watch the show)...and the figures are pretty small compared to Joe. But there was something that I was told that made me give them a second look...

There is potential that the new smaller-scale Glyos figures will be right at home in these vehicles. At the very least, the hand-cast versions are. I received a few of the vehicles in the mail this past weekend, and had some fun giving Rechlen a ride.

Another strange 80's toyline was Robo Force.

I had maybe three of these guys as a kid, picked up from a garage sale. They didn't make sense to me then - why would you make this type of robot when you could make a Transformer? But it is only in more recent times that the pieces come together, and the realization takes over that Robo Force is actually the update to the Zeroids toys from the 1960s.
With that in mind, I have been picking up a figure here and there. The series isn't super expensive, and I can appreciate the designs a lot more now than I could then.

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Cappy said...

John, how tall are those Robo Force guys?