Friday, February 25, 2011

New friends! Old friends! Missed allies.

Hey peeps,

check out this site I found, The Redwood Connection!
They feature classic toys and video games - helped me out with some information and you should check them out!

Also, I don't know if he is actively updating any more, but for a quick primer on Zeroids, Major Matt Mason, and also my beloved classic Shogun Warriors, check out

Hell, while I am playing Fun With Links 2011, I wish that my old buddy Duke Nostalgia would come back to active updating. I miss his writing style and wit - and the coverage! His was the first site I ever saw with info on the unproduced Kenner Centurions: Power Extreme items.

I'm not sure how I went this long without telling you to check them out, but also jump over and see the Four Horsemen at their official site. As of this writing, you can get tons of information on their new Gothtropolis Scarabus figure.

Do you like video games? how about Super Mario Bros? You know what would be awesome? If someone modified SMB to put other characters in there. And if they added Blaster Master to the game, that would be awesome. WELL GUESS WHAT? Some genius dude DID IT. Check out Super Mario Brothers Crossover. I have never loved the Mario game so much as when I can play as Blaster Master.

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