Friday, December 10, 2010

Some more room updates

Been busy with something the last few days, so here is a quick content update of some of my shelves.

A difficult aspect of collecting is moving things around once you have a ton of stuff. Also, determining what looks good together on a shelf when there isn't something definitive to put on the same shelf. For instance, Transformers Action Masters take up one entire shelf, in any unit of my display space. There will most likely never be more Action Masters, so it is pretty locked in. They move around the room, but every time, they take up an entire shelf.
With Glyos, there are so many options that it becomes challenging (for me) to arrange them after a certain point.
In this particular space, I like how the Pheyaos are imposing in the back, with the Solaris crew bracketing them on one side, with the duo of characters riding around in their spaceship, and a larger god-like figure on the right of the shelf.

Soul of Chogokin is a bitch to display. Lots of little bits. Who should be together? There are more characters than these ones...I had to go to three shelves for this line. These guys, the Marvel Shoguns, and then the rest. It was even worse at one point - I had a bunch of the shelf hogs like Zambot and Dancouga, but I sold them because they really didn't mean anything to me.
This is more of the Glyos alien shelf -at least, before we knew the origin of the Armodocs.
I think I moved the 'Docs right after this to their own space...

The Rig and the Crew are now manning the deck of Interdimensional Space Fortress Code:Name FLAGG, but this was their brief appearance on the shelves before a higher calling arrived.

Someone on the blog asked for a group shot of Chaoses. Here ya go. The final one that I acquired the other day is not yet in the shot.
Some Callgrim stuff. Callgrim has a less-defined storyline at this point, so more variety shares the shelves there.


Ghost Target said...

How many Chaos' do you have ?

Seth said...

The Villiser is excellent! Looks like there are some unique DP paintjobs in there too!

John K. said...

GT, I counted the CC3 for the thread over on October, and I have 46 figures from the CC. However, I made some moves since then...I'm going to say it is around 34 Chaoses.

Thanks for the comment, Seth. Yeah, there are some DP ones out there that are part of the NYCC/SDCC exclusive wave.
I'd love to be able to build another Villser and have it painted up nice. Long-term, I think that is something I want to do.

Zambot 3 said...

You’ve done a formidable job. I am extremely happy to seen it and wanna a copy of this.Although I have some toys that I collected from PIJ I’m excited!