Thursday, December 2, 2010

The End of Booleysgiving!

I had a lot of fun this past month and will attempt to continue more frequent updates for my readers.
I just noticed - tomorrow is two years of this blog. I'll see if I can get something special to post for you guys.

Hasbro is pumping out Transformers assortments like there is no tomorrow. Here is one new assortment - Tracks, Jazz, Fallback (from Outback, a name they can no longer legally use), and Mindset (from G2). Jazz is pretty good, but Tracks is the star of this wave. He is finally back in real style, closing off one more gap in the Classics display.

I have a crapload of glow-in-the-dark stuff in my display. I wanted to take a pic of it, but it didn't work so well with the flash...(not that I thought it would).

Here is a pic of Nerd One's Steregon figure, glowing.

One of my wants for the last couple of years has been Danguard Ace, one of the last two Shogun Warriors I wanted for my display (the other being Daimos). I skipped him because this was put out by Yamato. I thought one would pop up in the SOC line, but he has not. So I was intending to get this figure, but a $225 price tag warned me away. It was later put on sale through BigBadToyStore, but sold out. I was doing a random search and found one in their sale page with a damaged price for an even lower price - I had to do it.
LOOK AT THE BOX SIZE next to a Glyos figure. Immense.
Here is the man in his spaceship mode. Still massive.
Here is Danguard showing off some of his weapons systems. Technically, the shin guards become the blades in his right hand, but I just wanted a cool pic.
And here he is, in all his glory. Finally, my Marvel Shoguns are updated and accounted for. I just hope he fits on his designated shelf. This is one big figure.

I know the inevitable question from Glyos fans: who is that Order member?
Well, why should everyone else have fun dyeing their figures?

Here is a trans-purple Gobon.

And the Wreckers who are fighting....

The Anti-Wreckers.

I love this colorway, and bought the dye to make them...months ago? Years? Hard to remember at this point. But Ms. Fox had another project going with dye, so I jumped right in.
The Gobon Blasters and Phase Arms were clear, so they have a richer level of color - and you can still see through them. I'm very happy with how they came out.


Bryan said...

What method and dye did you use for this? The results are very intriguing!

John K. said...

Pretty basic - RIT dye, boiled on the old stove. Warning though! You will need pots that have no other use. I wouldn't cook food in them afterward.

Anonymous said...

Just got myself (Turbo) Tracks at my local Kohls store. They are having a HUGE After X-mas clearance sale going on, so I managed to score him for $9.55 (reduced from $14.99). Kohls is normally WAY to expensive to buy TF's from, but I got lucky & scored him & a few others on the cheap. Also grabbed PCC Wave 2 Leadfoot & Icepick for $8.27 each and Scout Breacher for $7.00. Good stuff all around here, I would have grabbed Jazz for myself but he went to my friend for X-mas. Digging this new TF stuff, can't wait for more of the TF Animated movie cast to make it out.