Monday, December 6, 2010

Blogoversary Part Duex!

Two years...
As of this month, I have been maintaining a site for two years again, after my original Rocks and Bugs and Things website went out in a blaze of glory (if you consider me not wanting to redesign it and hating the original Tripod design that I was stuck with leading to a non-renewal a blaze).

I'm going to try and do some special posts in the next few days about time, the passage of it, Glyos, toys, and the whole shebang. Which means you'll be looking at this post on 12/31/10 and it will be the only one for this month.

But - fingers crossed for positivity!

Finally, the Chaos Commands are completed.
From the Custom Corps Series III, there was one final non-Metalluma Command I needed to have one Chaos from every Command - the elusive Imezir.
Knowing that options were limited to three Chaoses and that two of them were in no-trade zones, I had only one real option - find what worked for that third person.
It took me over a year of having the general idea out there that I really needed this figure for something to finally line up. But my bro Glidetron found something in my collection that he wanted more and the trade was finally completed. Now, the Commands are complete. Thanks Glidetron!


Tim said...

Congrats on completing the set! Will you have a full photo to show off?

John K. said...

I will take a new pic (pics) eventually. There are so many, it is tough to fit them in one pic now...
to tide you over, check out this thread on October Toys