Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 Days of BOOLEY - Day Seven, Eight, Nine, and TEN!

Super-busy - having the 1st public showing of BOOLEY this weekend and time has escaped me.
But enough excuses - here is CONTENT!

For Day Seven, in honor of a collaboration with the ParryGamePreserve, is a pic of me at the Monroeville Mall, where Dawn of the Dead was filmed.

Obviously, these pics are more recent than 1978, but I went there to see where the magic happened. Some of the decor is still similar to the movie.

At NYCC, there was one figure I missed because of delays at the con - the DIM BULB from the Sucklord:
Pretty cool. I made a new Sucklorian to go with him:
This figure features a glowing "hand of death" sculpted by Evil Earwig, and cast by Spy Monkey Creations. Check the Glyos forum if interested - the quality is good, and the sculpt interesting.

I don't remember featuring a Madball before - here is one - SPLITTING HEADACHE.
I'm featuring him because he was supposed to be part of the canceled Madballs series 4 (or it might have been three). Thus, this is the only version we will ever see. Sigh. The new one looked awesome. If you have a connection who can get their hands on a proto, let me know.

Finally, from a recent Glyos release that ties in to another recent Glyos release - the GRANTHAN GOBON.
Another great paintjob by Dead Presidents. I've run out of adjectives for how beautiful these pieces are in-hand.

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Charlie said...

Most excellent to see the pic of the mall, and of course I'm pleased and amused by your background-store of choice! The blurry passer-by in the foreground is a nice zombified touch as well.