Sunday, November 21, 2010

30 Days of BOOLEY - Day Fourteen through 21!

Alright, back from a fine day of films and shopping (and secret project work #45).

Marvel's Shogun Warriors is one of the first comic books I ever remember purchasing. Issue #13, to be exact. By the time I bought it, long after the comic had ended its run, Shogun Warriors were nothing other than the fare of garage sales and flea markets.
I always wanted to get SW figures, but never really understood what the figures were. There was a comic book ad that was in a billion Marvel comics back then that just had all of the characters and line art for the vehicles in one picture, so my childhood mind combined all of the items into one large toyline - which technically, they are, but very few of the items are in-scale to each other.
Anyway, late 90s and I am looking at the internet and see that there is a new "Mazinger" figure being sold overseas! Of course, the picture they show is not Mazinger to me, but Tranzor Z. Mazinger is a Shogun Warrior, and a completely unrelated robot. How much I had to learn...
The short story is that Shogun Warriors were just tons of unrelated robots and die-cast vehicles from live-action films, "Power Ranger" type shows, and other toys Mattel licensed to sell in the US. It was always my dream to have the three Shoguns featured in the Marvel comics, and this is my display of them. I haven't been able to get my hands on the Danguard Ace modern figure yet, so the original Shogun version is taking his place for now. (if anyone wants to just buy it for me, I would have no qualms about accepting it as a gift)

Roboskull! When Gi Joe was licensed to the UK, they had already been releasing a line called Action Force. The Roboskull is a UK-only creation. Now, Phanost has obtained the Roboskull in his insane quest for greater power.

A quick update on Power Lords - the forces of good have been joined by Savor, the large human with tank treads shown in the back. My warning to all - if you decide to collect these, be careful. The plastic has not been appreciative to the passage of time.

In another installment in my Transformers: Neo Generation project, meet the updated Throttlebots.
The reuse of names has increased over the last few years, giving me easy avatars for Rollbar, Wideload, and Searchlight. Wideload and Rollbar are identical - I think that matches my idea for them nicely. Wideload was originally a garbage truck - his bio (courtesy Wikipedia) is that he is concerned with his appearance. He's been reformatted from a garbage truck in this generation, so he no longer has as much concern about this. One of his mortal enemies is the Decepticon Sonar.
Rollbar is a "brave, battle-hardened veteran." He was the leader of the Throttlebots before Goldbug was put in charge, but he finds that he works better as an advisor to a leader more than being the leader.
Searchlight (the helicopter) is a curious creature of the night, skilled in search and rescue. Would prefer to be alone, but works well with the Throttlebots in his rescue operations. Gifted with Power Core technology that allows him to combine with PCC drones. Also granted a Minicon, Backwind (back-wy-nd), who assists him in fighting Decepticons.
Chase is a free spirit, and wears the sigil of the New Autobots. His belief in this political faction makes the other Throttlebots leery of his dedication to the Autobot cause.
Freeway (not pictured) was damaged in battle and is currently in stasis, awaiting repairs. He has been offline for a number of years, as the technology to complete his repairs has not yet been invented.
Goldbug is a mystery to his soldiers. Optimus Prime pulled Rollbar aside and explained that Goldbug was the new leader and to trust him. Rollbar did so. Goldbug is a bot of few words, and fights with the skill of a long-lived warriors. He wears a purple Autobot symbol, but what this means is lost to the other Throttlebots.

There is a subculture of collectors who like reissues. I myself do not mind reissues - I just want the toys, basically, so my preference would be for the cheapest possible options.
This is not a reissue.
You get some toys that are ridiculously hard to get that start to draw a massive price tag. This happened in Transformers for a set of Japanese-only Headmasters that did not come with bodies - only the heads. One of these figures, Shuffler, was going for $1600 at one point! For a head that turns into an elephant.
I basically accepted that I would not have this figure.

Cut to last week.
An enterprising overseas source found a way to make molds for these figures and make reproductions, including the rare heads of Black Zarak (no GPS!) and the two Maximus heads. To top it off, he made a really nice box for them.
I usually don't support bootlegs, but in this case, I accept this set for display in my collection. I would never have spent the money for any of these, so this set gets them on my shelf. And the quality is pretty good too.
You ever play with giant pieces of foam as a kid?
I got a new TV this summer and I was looking at the foam that came with it, and I said, "you know, that looks like a playset."
So, it was just thinking of what the set should be. I wanted somewhere to put my Gobons, so I thought of this set.
In one part of the Glyos storyline, Phanost is collecting Gobons more powerful. You guys know how Phanost is - he is always collecting artifacts and powering himself up. However, this is a Dimension Drifter Phanost. Not the Phanost we always follow, but some other version of him from an alternate time and place. (In my personal Glyos, he is the only other Phanost that is not a direct clone made by Phanost himself.) He has assembled his Gobon army, and Govurom and his Chaos run into the Phanost operation during their quest for Chaos DNA.
"Let's check in with Eternia. Looks like the Masters are about to have a massive battle yet again!"
Someone forgot a box of fun.

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