Thursday, November 4, 2010

30 Days of BOOLEY - Day Four

One of the really captivating aspects of toys to me is the interaction between toys.
I generally didn't mix toys as a kid - Joe played with Joe, Transformer with Transformers, and Secret Wars with Secret Wars. However, the bleedover began when I was a little older and Toy Biz began creating the five-inch Marvel Universe. Soon, most toys were in the same general scale, so I felt they could all play together. Mentally, I could make any figure fit. Joes were normal humans, so they were smaller than Wolverine, while a 12 inch figure was a giant, and Matt Trakker and his team had accidentally been minimized during a botched experiment.
The world of toys was one of imagination and wonder, so anything was possible and every toy could be in the same universe.

It was only in my later years that I put a greater emphasis on continuity. In my revised thoughts, every toyline was its own universe - Transformers being one universe, He-Man another, Lego, etc etc. It was then that I started to notice that many of the Kenner figures were in a similar scale. My mind formed the connections - how could all of these concepts relate to each other? In honor of the lost best toy company ever, I would call this universe the Kennerverse.
All of the classic Kenner lines would be part of it. And some non-Kenner toys.
There are two parallel stories - the present and the future. The Present revolves around a mythical city called Cincinnati, where everything happens. A number of heroes come to the city, driven by...divine purpose? Or something more sinister? Eventually, a League is formed.

In the future, a skull-headed arrives from another dimension, bent on destroying everything. But the real story concerns what happened to the Kenner heroes....

A world of adventure and intrigue awaits...but will the heroes be able to figure out the mysteries before time runs out? YOU DECIDE.


Charlie said...

Simply awesome - your approach to toys which I've been learning about has cast the entire endeavor in a wonderful new positive light for me.

Or, to quote Pete Venkman:
"I love this plan! I'm excited to be a part of it! Let's do it!"

Izabella said...

Nice collection of various thing from various series. I also have Nordor - The Evil Mutants $ Skeletor Hideout, actually like 3 of them. One I'd like to convert into hanging lamp (imagine that moon base with light source inside) but without any modification to that toy itself. Greets!