Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Days of BOOLEY - Day Five and Six

Sorry dudes! Passed out last night before I could update - so today is two posts-in-one (using the Marvel Comics title phrasing).
Freddy Skeleton! Once upon a time, there was a toy company called Mezco, and they put out quality items at competitive prices (for lines that were more Tower Records and Suncoast Video-level of production than TRU) [of course, now that I read this, I realize that there may be some collectors out there who never shopped at these stores. Moment of silence.]
Then, a few years back, they announced they had the license for Freddy Kruger, Jason Vorhees, and Leatherface under a new banner, "New Line's House of Horrors". (EDIT - whoops! I had taken this title from a comic put out by DC. The actual title of the Mezco line was "Cinema of Fear".) The initial wave was pretty strong: Leatherface from part one (previously done as a McFarlane Movie Maniac, but still a good choice); Chop Top from TCM 2 (never done at any scale!); Jason from Friday 4 (probably my top choice at that time for any Jason figure); and a Freddy from Nightmare 3 (dressed in a tuxedo, another 1st time figure).
The Jason figure is incredible, and the rest are solid choices...but I would recommend the Freddy over the TCM figures for one reason: the Freddy Skeleton.
Yes, Mezco decided that they would give us what is essentially a second figure in that pack. It is not as articulated as a standard figure, for one key reason: you can disassemble him and put him into the "pile of bones" configuration shown in the film! Now if only there was a six-inch scale Craig Wasson to fight him...

The second of our two posts is inspired by a recent post over at Poe Ghostal's site about googums Basterds of the Universe. My post from Day Four of this series detailed the Kennerverse. These are three toys that I did not have as a kid, existing only to fill in the blanks from what Kenner did.
Silverhawks is one of those lines I have to stop myself from purchasing when I hit my local collectible shops. The colors are very vibrant and the designs interesting.
Visionaries don't mean much to me - I have probably twenty figures from the line (some duplicates). They are upscaled Joes with holograms on their chests. Not super-exciting to me.
Sectaurs are out-of-scale to most lines I like, so they are another one I have avoided.
Still, there is something about seeing them all together. I'm tempted to get a Mattel six-inch Batman to be their leader. I can imagine them having adventures together, throughout the universe.

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Charlie said...

Excitedly anticipating days 7,8,9 - you can do it!

Of course, I haven't been very strong with my updates lately either - have a stack of fantastic Magnavox Odyssey 2 games from the House of Fun that are just dying to be posted, thus starting my photo coverage of that classic system!