Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 Days of BOOLEY - Day Eleven and Twelve

Another double update.

Here is one of my favorite Maximal figures: Mach Kick.

(note: all info sourced from TF Wiki - thanks guys! If you want info about Transformers, you should start at TF Wiki.) "Mach Kick is the former sub-commander of the Thoroughbred Corps. After their destruction at the hands of the Predacons, he was left the only survivor. Once he recovered, he voluntarily joined up with Big Convoy to aid in his quest to obtain the Angolmois capsules.

Mach Kick has a very free spirit and a rowdy attitude, cavorting about and partying like he was in a college fraternity rather than a grisly war. This behaviour continually causes him to butt heads with his "old buddy", Longrack, who is a notorious stick-in-the-mud. Mach Kick has something of an "idol worshipping" complex in regards to Big Convoy, whom he respects for being so powerful and "cool". He strives to do his best to impress his commander, even at tasks as menial as KP. His attempts to "do a good job" typically result in him encoraching upon the personal space of his peers, who just can't stand him."

A horse alt-mode is just so much different. Actually, this was the result of a fan poll in Japan, who also voted for an Ankylosaurus and a prehistoric bird.

For my second update, there is little to say.

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Keith said...

I'm glad that CC went to you. I wondered who outbid me on it! Congrats, it's a great one.