Monday, November 29, 2010

30 Days of BOOLEY - Day 27, 28, and 29

One more update to go and we are done with the 30 Days of Booley!
I tried to do it everyday, but I found that I just don't have it in me to be able to update every day.
I'm going to try to have more updates, but I can make no promises.

We have three basic features for you today.
Hasbro has hit Transformers fans with a ton of assortments right before Christmas. Here, you will see Steamhammer and Skullgrin. I also got Thunderwing and Grimstone, but my camera decided to let me erase the pics before I could post them. Why does my memory card restart at 001 all the time? It makes things difficult, I tell you.
Anyway, enough tech ramblings - Skullgrin is a great update to Straxus. Skullgrin was one of the first Pretenders I acquired (with my own money!) as a kid, so I was glad to see him return. I really like the mold, and the way the colors pop on the figure. Steamhammer is a great realization of the PCC concept - plenty of articulation, thumbs on his hands, and nice colors. The bio is even great - paraphrasing as follows: "Steamhammer knows there is another team of Constructicons, but he doesn't care because he knows he can kick their asses." Steamhammer is basically crazy.
Thunderwing is relatively simple, being executed at the Dlx. price point. I would have liked a larger one, but TW captures the essence of the character and the design well. Grimstone is a lot of fun, using some different dinosaur designs for the drones. I'm currently looking for the new Jazz and Tracks, but no rush - I know they will be everywhere in a few weeks. (the TFW sightings keep telling me that they are hitting all around me, but at X-Mas, the stock in stores is changing daily - my brother found Spidey 2099 Monday, where there was no sign of that wave before last Saturday.)

Phaseon Gendrones! I like the design, and have a lot of these parts laying around unused, so now they will be Gendrones.

With the advent of the Gobon Renegade Custom Corps arriving in the mailboxes of fans this week, I wanted to feature an older Custom Corps.

From the official Glyos blog on 5/18/10:
"After traveling for what seemed like an eternity, Phanost began to weaken, slowly losing his once formidable power to an enemy he had yet to conquer.... the enemy known as age. Falling into despair, Phanost drifted from planet to planet, from derelict bases to lost asteroid belts until he unexpectedly came across a secret armory used by the Order on a small moon. This heavily fortified stronghold housed many rare weapons, ancient artifacts and classified information, detailing the many hidden bases that the Order had in operation throughout the Glyos System.

In a last ditch effort to gain the power that he believed was contained inside the structure, Phanost attacked the Order with all the energy he could summon. Only after one of the fiercest battles ever burned into the history of the Glyos System did Phanost emerge victorious. What he found within was beyond anything he could have imagined. The Order had recovered three separate Dimension Gates that still pulsed with raw power. Phanost realized that the Order had been unable to use the Dimension Gates, due to the fact that they did not share his bloodline, for only one with Traveler lineage could activate such mysterious machinery.

Focusing his concentration, Phanost unlocked the three gates and absorbed the seemingly unlimited stream of pure energy into his body, as well as everything else in the armory -including the special armor used by the Order Elite! After nearly draining all three Dimension Gates, Phanost stood reborn. Newly armored and now possessing strength far superior to anything he had ever known, he reshaped the moon into a mobile base, one he could wage his special missions from. He then created a unique type of hybrid warrior from the remains of the Order he had defeated. Merging the strongest aspects of Phase and Dome Technology, the armor of the Order and his own Traveler imprint, Phanost succeeded in making a modified breed of the form changing Echo Morph- one that obeyed only his orders -the Morphisar! With a reforged resolve and a growing army of shape shifting soldiers, the self titled "General" Phanost leads his Morphisar forces in search of the remaining Dimension Gates scattered across the Glyos System... "

General Phanost goes through many incarnations in his quest for power. You can see all four of the variants from this Custom Corps above. Thanks to those who helped me acquire them all through trading!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that Steamhammer is an improvement over the previously released PCC, I just got Mudslinger and the Destructicons and he's really cool in gestault mode. As he looks like a bull and is crazy, I was thinking of naming his powered up mode "Trample" or something similar sounding. My stores only seem to have Wave One 2-packs and Wave Three 2-packs so I've not had the chance to grab Leadfoot & Sledge. As far as the 5-packs go the Dinobots/Constructicons packs are not in my area yet. How does Grimstone compare to Steamhammer in terms of gestault posability?

I am thinking of getting Skullgrin too, but I will look for his original weapons and see if they can fit in his hands. If you want to give his and Straxxus' robot modes some diversity, turn Skullgrin's shoulderpads forward to cover his chest. He'll look a little less purple, but he'll be a bit more original looking.

Anonymous said...

(Update 1/2/2011): Alright, awesomesauce Doc. Thanks for the info about the Skullgrin weapons, good to know that they kinda fit at least.