Thursday, November 25, 2010

30 Days of BOOLEY - Day 24 and 25 and 26!

I will be out and about tomorrow with some movie work, so I'm updating early!
The League has some new members. Can you figure out who?
(if anyone out there has some Silverhawks to trade for Glyos, hit me up)

Team Greyskull! Irony is defined as finally finding a tough-to-get figure in the same week as his re-release. I just got the original King Greyskull, and now I also have his re-release. Which is cool - they clearly depict him at two different stages of his life. This would be the earlier KG, pre-Power Sword.
The OSM have reactivated one of their old bases in a quest to find the evil Metamorpho - the Space Rig!

It's Robo-Thanksgiving at the Ark, and all of the Transformers are attending (picture circa 198X).
Seriously, after watching the past few weeks of G1 episodes on the Hub, I wouldn't be surprised to hear Robo-Thanksgiving. There is some serious cornyness in those old episodes. I have no problem with it. But you know what I want now? A figure called "Decepticreep".

And view with sadness my current 3 3/4" figure display. As time has moved on, I have moved away from this once most-beloved scale of figures. I have plans to bring a Joe shelf back into the house, but I need to free up some space first. It might be time to box up some of the Transformers I'm not currently featuring and make room for Joe HQ again.


Anonymous said...

What are you looking for Doc? I will send you a message of what I have available.

Tim said...

I had a Buzzsaw and Mo-lec-ular figure somewhere. If I find them again, I'll let you know.