Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Days of BOOLEY - Day 22 and 23!

Quick updates:

In a recent Phanost storyline, he took over a planet and made it into his fortress. I emulated that story, using the figures from that Custom Corps (and help from a yellowed TMNT Technodrome)

The clone pit. Phanost realizes he can only increase his power so much, so he starts to make clones (being sure to make them inferior - can't have Phanost competition)

A more advanced clone is the jailkeeper.

Phanost, his main clone, and a clone of Callgrim make plans in the command center.
The Dome Lab.

And the overall pic again. You can see Regal Domius Callgrim infiltrating the planet...

A quick update:
the box for Monstroid! Why? It means something to me. I was lucky enough to befriend the inventor of this item before his passing a few years back. He was a great person, and a dear friend. I think of him often, and hope that if there is some place beyond this one, he is there and happy. He certainly made many of us happy with the things he invented.

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