Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Michael Bay sleeps on a big pile of money while Don Cosarelli lives in a desert.

So, er, um, yeah. They do combine.
There is no photographic trickery in this pic - they are actually snapped together.
There are parts on the bottom of the motorcycles that fold out - think of the Landfill combiner from RID. It is really difficult to snap them together properly because there are notched grooves that hold the bikes together, instead of pegs and holes.
Hasbro told a panel at Botcon...last year or the year before that Arcee and the bike twins would be able to combine. And they do - just...as a monstrosity.
I was reading online that people were trying and failing. Maybe someone has already figured it out, but when I was searching, I couldn't find it. So here ya go. I think I will actually leave them in this configuration. My default Arcee is the movie one from 2007 (yes, the one that looks like it is wearing a beret). Chromia...er, the Botcon one? Or was it from Target? Whatever.
And the Botcon version of Elita-1 is my preferred Elita choice.

When the official instructions are revealed, will my version even be close? That remains to be seen. But for now, let...what is this even called? Tri-Chicks-Acus? stand as what it is - one of the worst aberrations from one of the worst incarnations of Transformers yet.

I think I'll go downstairs and play with some Beast Machines.

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Harlan Rosen said...

that is a crime against humanity