Sunday, August 22, 2010

For Phil - Roadblasters!

So, based on a suggestion from a friend, you can see some of my "vintage" crappy pics from a decade ago for ROADBLASTERS by Matchbox - the Power that Rules the Road.
Chances are, if you had a Roadblaster in the 80's, the one you had was THUNDER GUNNER, the lead vehicle of the good guy side of the Roadblaster conflict. Although hard to make out in my terrible quality pics above, he was an armored vehicle with removable weapons. Man, pixel levels were low on old cameras. Gotta buy a new one soon (I'm one generation past the above, and nearly made a move to HD earlier this year). Until I can dig out the real set for some better pics, here is a lot of these guys I sold earlier this year (since the pic quality is better):


Anonymous said...

Fun fact: Roadblasters was another creation by Larry Jones' California R&D with designs by Stephen Lee, the same team which brought us the Micronauts aliens and Matchbox's Parasites line! :D

Anonymous said...

Ohhh that explains the very Parasites-like vibe to this line. Thanks for the fun-fact duder. 8-)