Thursday, July 29, 2010

SDCC 2010 part 2 - the body count continues.

There were few non-Glyos items I was looking for at the show. Two of those items were a Danguard Ace from Yamato and Bandai's SOC version of Daimos. As luck would have it, the booth right next to ours had Daimos. For $258. PASS!

Matt organizing the bags at the end of the show.

Another desolate pic ten minutes after the end of the show. When Comic Con is over, it is over.
For many of your crazy toy needs, check out DKE Toys, proud sponsors of - er, not my blog, but something, I'm sure.
The new lightcycles are cool, I guess. After spending two decades with the original in my head, it is hard to see these new ones as "THE lightcycles." It would be like someone remaking the Bishop of Battle with new technology.
And yet more Tron stuff proves to be hard to take a picture of! Enjoy my reflection. There are some good toys coming, regardless of the movie quality.
Note #2 - Charlie, do not collect these.
Generator Rex, the next Ben 10 or the next "item in every comic store I go to that is just above minimum price but no one will ever, ever buy it"?
More Rex. He can make machines out of his body or something.
A blurry pic of more Rex.
Who you gonna call for non-blurry pics of comic con stuff? Not me. But in the meantime, enjoy some Ghostbusters pics.
And more.
And more.
A PKE meter! Young me loves it. Current me asks "when the hell can they make a Krull sequel so I can get a Glaive? Note to self: buy Krull remake rights."
More of the Ghostbusters diorama. I don't have this rant about Mattel so much, but I got one for Kenner - what good is every Cantina alien ever if there is no Cantina?

An Undertaker statue. Even his statue has powers, as I could not get a clear pic of it. Maybe because I was crying when I missed the signing times for Melina in the booth.
The Weapons Rak (see, for copyright reasons!) will surely be an awesome addition to our MOTU displays. And $50.
This was really nice. Maybe if we get the MOTU sellouts down to nano-seconds, we can get a nice $500 Greyskull Castle.

He has the power!
They even resuse the statues. Which means next year we get Space He-Man - add a new sword and paint and we are good to go!

If this was a diecast figure that transformed, I would surely have bought one. As a vinyl, I do not care. But I like the overall work done on it.
One of the Gi Joe environment cases. It was easy to get pics of it, because there was no one looking at Gi Joe. (ducks sealed cases of Joe clearance items thrown at head)
And another.
NOW this would be a playset. And probably too expensive for everyone.
Another pic because it's just that good.
A close-up of the Prime statue. PLEASE let the toys suck so I can not buy any of them.
When Animals Attack Eternia.
See above, part 2.
Yay! Royal Guards. With four heads, meaning I need two packs of them...I hope they make a ton of these. Which means they will sell out in nano-seconds. Castle Greyskull, here we come!
Okay, I know that I unleashed some sarcasm, but this figure really excites me, and is - in one picture - the reason I started collecting MOTU.
The first figure in MOTU Classics was King Greyskull. I saw it and said "I don't need to collect these." They showed the first few releases - He-Man, Skeletor, Beast Man...I said "there is no way this line is going to last."
The first figure I bought was Hordak. I figured, "what the hell, how many more Hordaks will I ever get to purchase?" But then SDCC 2009 happened, and I look into the Mattel case and see the Goddess. The Goddess! From the very first mini-comics. I had MOTU from those first waves, and the snake armored woman who gave He-Man his armor and weapons was important in that first issue. If they were doing this Goddess, this wasn't going to be the same as the 2002 rollout.
And now, the pic above is of the Goddess and the re-release Greyskull. Although it creates a firestorm of moron speak each time a new figure bio is posted, I personally really enjoy the storyline they are unfolding on the back of the packages. This release answers some of the questions. The Overlords of Trolla gave He-Ro the Sword of He. When He-Ro died, he gave it to Greyskull. The sword helped Greyskull unlock power inside himself that was even greater than that bestowed by the Sword of He. After Greyskull was mortally wounded in battle with Hordak, he transferred the power from the Overlords and his own internal power into an orb that was hidden in Castle Greyskull, power that would only be unlocked by his descendants at the right time. His beloved wife took the sword and protected it by splitting it in half, choosing warriors to protect the halves for over five centuries...
The sword that comes with this toy of Greyskull is even mid-power transfer. I can't wait to get this figure.
The only slide that was relevant from the Transformers panel, 'cause they sure left the good stuff at home.
Symbiotech! The Four Horsemen are working miracles in toy design and execution outside of the auspices of Mattel. Check it out and give it a chance. Enjoy the stuff from big corporations, but also support stuff that comes from original ideas and interpretations.
Also, it is Glyos compatible!
Jesse working hard on painting something for the show, right before a horde of orcs attacked the room.
One more post to come with the Glyos-specific stuff and my final SDCC thoughts.


Monsterforge said...

That King Greyskull is the only MOTUC figure I'll be getting (If I actually manage to get one before they sell out). I can't afford to collect this series, so I'll get the one iconic figure that captures for me the whole might and magic that is Greyskull. I wanted to get the original, but that's harder to get hold of at a modest price than water in the desert.

I've seen the Generator Rex cartoon... pass. ;)

Ghost Target said...
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Ghost Target said...

Those G.I. Joe Dioramas were at Joe Con. Did you get a good look at them & find the hidden Jungle Viper ?