Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More from Miss Fox!

More customized pieces from Miss Fox...

I had shaved the paint off of the neck of a Standard Sarvos figure, because I wanted it to match the color on the chest. With a random assemblage of parts, I wanted to bring forth a Sarvos who has assembled his (or her) gear from bits that were laying around somewhere. Miss Fox painted the helmet in three colors that I choose to recognize as a secret sect of the Sarvos. The significance of this helmet will continue to bring problems to the life of this Fugitive Sarvos...

A favorite film of mine from the 1980's is Little Shop of Horrors.
"Feed me, Seymour!" Audrey II was a mean green motha from outer space, but not the only one of its kind. Yep - it was from the Glyos system. This is another member of its race.

Accompanying Not Audrey II is a female Glyan with long pony-tails; the head was originally an Order head, painted and added to with sculpting materials to achieve the desired look.

This duo is a rough-and-tumble female Glyan and her "more machine than traveler" Scar Pheyden companion. Other than the paint jobs, the chest on the female was added to with sculpting material.

And lastly, the completed sculpt for her main character. The clothing and body and head were painted after the sculpt was completed.

More characters are in the works, including one very special to me...

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