Thursday, February 25, 2010

This is what you want, this is what you get....

Some things stick with you forever.

There is a horror film from the 90's called Hardware that, not the best movie. But it had an interesting robot in it called the Mark 13. Designed as an urban pacification machine, it fails an important test run and is scrapped. An artist winds up in possession of the robot and accidentally reactivates it, leading to gore that was originally rated X.

So I made an homage to the robot out of Callgrims.
The signature attack of the Mark 13 was a double syringe (that looked like fangs, of course) on its head.
I'm happy with it, even in this unpainted state.

On the other end of the spectrum, some new Pheyden and Metran designs.

I'm just about out of all the classic colorways and parts, so I've been trying to use them up.
I wanted to do a peg-leg Metran who had run afoul of one of the beasts of the Glyos universe - maybe a Villser or an Eidrallim - the guy on the left was the result.
I've been upgrading the classic characters such as Eclipse Pheyden into newer armored forms using the Buildman body. Nebula was one of the only ones I couldn't crack. I see him as a scientist, so why would he upgrade? Once I obtained some of the Destroyator colorways, the answer was clear. The green highlights make it look like he is glowing with some internal power - this is like his Iron Man chest plate.
And on the right - as shown in one of the Passcode animations, Armodocs eat Pheydens. When an Armodoc is destroyed, the Pheydens he has killed are set free. Tying in to the Nebula custom, I saw Nebula Pheyden as someone who would want to try and save the dead Pheydens. Using a containment suit of armor, he catches one of the freed Pheyden ghosts in the suit. The armor is called the Androbos Armor, tying back to one of the original Reflex Suits shown on the Onell blog.

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Charlie said...

I was pleased to immediately get the Hardware reference from your title, and even more pleased that you made the robot!