Friday, February 12, 2010

The Supremes

Only hours until Toy Fair.

But I have been working on these guys for a few months now and I wanted to show them off.
When the Shadow Squad is killed in battle, Callgrim recruits them for his Grim Squad.
But, the icy grip of death takes hold of them again, until they are resurrected by a Sucklorian, his... accomplice? master? apprentice? the Hermit, a zombified Medusa Pheyden, and the berserker Simon. Using a unique clay material, the Sucklorian brings the Shadow Squad back from death to serve his master plan. Together, they set out on a path of terror through the Glyos system and beyond...

Little do they know, the Grim Squad has saved the DNA of the Shadow Squad, and has plans of their own for it...

The heads were hand-painted by me over a period of weeks, color by color. I wanted them to have a really worn, pieced-together look. There are many details that are hard to see from one picture - silver, gunmetal, grey, brown. The uniformity comes in their red eyes. It was a real blast to paint these to my specifications.

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