Thursday, February 25, 2010


With the advent of the new Custom Corps III shipping, I'm clearing out some of my pic archives...

The Sincroid is one of the characters of the Glyos system. It takes on many shapes and forms - the Prototype Sincroid, Exellis, is one of the major characters in the Glyos system.
He has a unique head - most Sincroids have a different look to them...

The Sincroid on the right of this picture is an actual hand-molded Sincroid from the Glyos line. The customs to the left of it are based on Custom Corps one. The Sincroid head sculpt is related to Pheyden, so I customized them using bladed items to make them resemble the Sincroid sculpt.

A more detailed pic. The one on the left took some battle damage - i.e., I accidentally cut off his jaw and screwed up one of the eyes when making it. Overall though, I am happy with how the two of them came out.

Currently, the Sincroid head is only available in a hand-cast state, meaning it is very uncommon. It has not yet been sold outside of Custom Corps offerings.

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